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  1. Unfortunately you can not uncheck a league you've put active when you started the save.
  2. Just uncheck the box or click De-select All.
  3. Yes, that is how I had it on my save. The way to do it is having some league(s) not active at all, not even view-only.
  4. It has to be some league that breaks at that point. Would be very tedious to try a new game with each individual league and sim to that date to prove it though.
  5. As you know, I've been having the same problem. I gotta ask, which leagues do you have active as "view-only"? I believe the problem lies in one of the leagues, but no idea which. I did a test run with only the NHL active, and it did not crash, but my save with all leagues active, it always crashes.
  6. I'm using the latest version of the TBL rosters. I selected every league as "View-only" except for the NHL, mostly to see how well it would work on my computer with simming times and stuff.
  7. Can not continue my game past July 15 2017. Continuing or going on vacation past this date causes the game to crash. Uploaded game "greger-jens_can_not_continue" to the FTP server.
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