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  1. its like a specific camera when we scout a player and watch his game. whether for our club or national team. so the camera, is shown only the highlights of the player we scout. something like that. i think thats kinda more realistic, cause thats what most scouts or manager do, they only watch one particular player.
  2. you mean the right back? well, i think, if he just stay with his man, it could be a different story, but he's not. It's my fault tho, like you said.
  3. Wait, this is makes sense. You're right. I was actually 3-2 down at the moment, and i tried to break them, so yeah i put the full back in attacking. Thank you, this is what i want, explanation. Stupid from me. Also, i make the defender into DCB Cover, is that has a part in this too?
  4. Yeah, i dont know how to post the video, do you have any idea? A) Their player didnt swap position B) I already double checked it, its him. Pickering, AML. Yeah it could be sometimes, but that **** was truly a glitch. The left back, who probably the one closed down that CM if it really supposed to, is doing just fine marking the right winger. And btw, this Pickering scored a hattrick in this game, so you know why i marked him. Also he's got pretty deadly off the ball movement, which at the end cause me that goal.
  5. My team is Eastleigh with white shirt. Focus on the player in the right flank. The full-back one. Thats Hakeem Odoffin, my first-team right full-back. And what happened there is just chaotic. Why? Cause there is no single reason i can find in my logical why he should run to the center and chase that player WHEN my instructions, very clear, was mark TIGHTER their left winger, Pickering, yes the one who scored later, the one he just left off. This kinda glitch is what makes the game so frustrating. Macclesfield_vs_Eastleigh_-_66_minutes_-_Data_Anal.mp4
  6. I think this feature is already added. Kinda. I assigned an average player number 10, and his form just exceptional after that. But i see what you mean tho.
  7. I think it would be a great idea if there's an option to change tactical shape in the game. Like for example our formation is 3-4-3. The shape will change when we're on defending, like from 3-4-3 to 4-4-2 for some reason, or 5-3-2. It really could be a game changer.
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