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  1. For the alienated it s because of when i took the screenshot was the end of season FA CUP final And ECC final which my B team (cup team plays) so A team players are not happy. I switch between two sides between league and cups.
  2. I got one A team for league (first picture) and second A bis team for all cups. I switch between them each game to keep everybody happy
  3. yes tried to find best players for each position/role first season was the usual squad with a few signings and did already pretty good. City do provide key players
  4. 442 sympathy for the devil FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipvol2442P103ECCC amazing tactic knap! managed 114 points on previous fm with one of your tactics, but this one outperforms in each department, so many goals from all over the place. From my experience this one tops it. great job again
  5. i think it's this one. didn t work on my side, defensively not solid FM20 Tweaked FMS!!!!!!!19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF9P103)KnapP106ALLCUPSKINGP109.fmf
  6. Hi knap, i d like to try your 442 Winger with AF tweaked if the offer is still up. Many thanks
  7. hey knap, I ve been using 442 with AF with man city and getting good results 19G 18W 1D 0L . However 1.wingers are always shooting whenever possible and not crossing like they used to in fm 19. In 3 v 1 situation they always strike first. Is there a way to tweak some instructions in order for them to pass. 2.strikers ain t scoring (aguero, gabriel jesus, lautaro martinez, moussa dembele). after 20 ish games they average at 5-7 goals which is quite depressing. wondered how it worked on your side and if you tweaked something . 3. Most goals come from midfield
  8. i believe you need specific players for this tactic, having tested quite a few different dudes. especially the f9, wide midfielders( winger) and wing backs. having tried it with other teams i didn t get the same results. IF oriented players don t work and advanced forward type strikers don t work either. Hope that helps you. good luck
  9. yea man utd were a real pain. Btw i scored a lot on corner and there were a lot of penalties too. especially on the 114 season with some 2 1 or 1 0 wins. corner setups are really good on this tactic. anyway keep up the good work and thank you again for making us enjoy the game each year.
  10. here you go i ve put my 4 seasons so far with city and midsommer 442. cheers
  11. Wanted to take the time to thank you for this awsome tactic. Am a huge man city fan and this tactic beat all my previous fm 13 to fm 17 records. It achieved 114 points second season which is quite incredible. won all trophies too Sane jesus sterling are just custom made for this tactic, i strongly recommend it if u like to play with city Thanks again knapp
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