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  1. Excuse me cause I came up with some criticism over your tactics. Didn't you expect that to happen too? And it was constructive criticism not hijacking. I will not give any apologies since your superior ego is a dislike for me.
  2. okay but any ideas with the injuries? my players realy get injured a lot and the training is not that tough so i don't think it's because of training
  3. oh and forgot to mention the most important issue. what's up with those injuries? It's 1 injured player from your team/match seriously
  4. I see all of you are playing with world class teams like Chelsea or Man Utd but this tactic doesn't seem to do so well with mid to low skilled teams. The opponents have lots of chances to score and you get to be relying on your GK abilities most of the times while you rarely have a chance or two to score. I don't know why those spaces since your full backs are also set to defend... Some issue I've seen is that the target man is not upwards enough. I mean you get to see a counter attack of your team from some recovered ball in corner and your target man was also in your penalty area defending
  5. question: which one has to be the target man in v.2? the one with forward runs and run with ball set to often? or the other one with those set to mixed?
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