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  1. Love this idea, unfortunately it does seem like it will be a huge piece of work. In saying that, I do think these are the big ideas/changes that SI should be looking at to take the game to another level. I think there have been some huge improvements on gameplay and AI, but there hasn't been too many improvements in terms of what The Manager can actually do to make the game more personal.
  2. In the footballing world, Pre Season is one of the most important & chaotic periods in a clubs season …. Training camps, enduring transfer saga’s, board meetings and of course the lucrative friendlies to please the commercial partners. In Football Manager, I cant help but feel that Pre Season is no more than a few clicks of the "Continue" button, with the odd player transfer thrown in (should you have enough money) and maybe a week long training camp to Spain which has no real effect on the game itself. Would it be at all possible for the Pre Season madness of the real world to be
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