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  1. Not sure if this is the right place I've seen on this video, that there is / was the possibility to edit the attribute of the regens in a nation, instead of just the rank from 1 to 200 but in the editor on FM19, there is only the possibility to edit the nation "rank". Is it normal ?
  2. yes i think the problem was because all players of my opponents were tired ..
  3. well, it's working too... i tried with and without custom skin.
  4. Just asking : Let's say it as a "if", if the opponents have ALL their players as around 2/10 in form and condition when the game should start, may it cause a bug like that ?
  5. i'm uploading, i think it'll be ready in like ... 5 min. For the date : 15 november 2016 is the match day, my save is on the 14 november 2016
  6. ok, so i deleted my cache from within the game. I guess that's why i can't find "sports interactive" folder in my appdata/local folder ? To go with that, since there is no "sports interactive" folder in this appdata/local folder, i can't delete preference. Veryfing file is done BUUUUUUT my game still crash. to be more specific, my captain is benched for the match, so when i click on "go the match", it tells me "player x is gonna be captain for today, go to the match ? YES / NO" when i click on YES, the game crash with the windows's window "FM 2017 xxxxxxx has stopped, do you want to send a report to microsoft ?"
  7. Hello, just bought the game on steam 2 weeks ago. I was playing since a few hours when my game crashed. it crashes when my match is ready to play, after i selected my squad, and i click on "validate". just after i click, the game crashes. (i can't provide screen or exact sentence of the report window before 7pm - 2pm for me atm) as context : i use a pretty decent gaming laptop, with all drivers up-to-date, same for steam and the game. I was running offline steam tho. As i said, it occured after 2 hours of plays, i did some matches during that gaming session, and there was no problem. i tried to relaunch game and match, still the same error. thanks for time and help
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