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  1. So the only way to have a functional B team is for them to increase their reputation and gain a promotion ?
  2. Hello ! I am playing in Spain with Hercules de Alicante, and I'm now 5/6 season in, and fighting for a UCL spot. I have a problem though : my B team isn't playing. It says they are in D3 G6 but there is not match in the calendar. I would say that this is because it is a non-playable championship. It's my first time managing a team in Spain so I don't know how it works. Also, this B team is semi-pro, but i can't ask the board to improve it, either by going full pro or adding extra money for the staff or whatever... This is pretty frustrating Do you have any tips for this kind of problem ? Edit : it is also the same with training, I can't make my players to train with my first team. Should i put all players in A team and mark them as available to play with B team ?
  3. Excuse me, i probably missed the part where it is said but : How do you know which version of the match engine you are on ? ME 2039 correspond to the public beta 20.2.4 ?
  4. Hi guys ! I've taken the ride for my first save on this fm 20. I want to add kits to the game, but not sure how to do it. The id is 829175 right ? If so ,in my config file i should have <record from="sanmarino_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/829175/kits/home"/> <record from="sanmarino_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/829175/kits/away"/> But i feel like it's not working. (for those who wants, they are handmade from the fc12 templates !)
  5. Not sure if this is the right place I've seen on this video, that there is / was the possibility to edit the attribute of the regens in a nation, instead of just the rank from 1 to 200 but in the editor on FM19, there is only the possibility to edit the nation "rank". Is it normal ?
  6. yes i think the problem was because all players of my opponents were tired ..
  7. well, it's working too... i tried with and without custom skin.
  8. Just asking : Let's say it as a "if", if the opponents have ALL their players as around 2/10 in form and condition when the game should start, may it cause a bug like that ?
  9. i'm uploading, i think it'll be ready in like ... 5 min. For the date : 15 november 2016 is the match day, my save is on the 14 november 2016
  10. ok, so i deleted my cache from within the game. I guess that's why i can't find "sports interactive" folder in my appdata/local folder ? To go with that, since there is no "sports interactive" folder in this appdata/local folder, i can't delete preference. Veryfing file is done BUUUUUUT my game still crash. to be more specific, my captain is benched for the match, so when i click on "go the match", it tells me "player x is gonna be captain for today, go to the match ? YES / NO" when i click on YES, the game crash with the windows's window "FM 2017 xxxxxxx has stopped, do you want to send a report to microsoft ?"
  11. Hello, just bought the game on steam 2 weeks ago. I was playing since a few hours when my game crashed. it crashes when my match is ready to play, after i selected my squad, and i click on "validate". just after i click, the game crashes. (i can't provide screen or exact sentence of the report window before 7pm - 2pm for me atm) as context : i use a pretty decent gaming laptop, with all drivers up-to-date, same for steam and the game. I was running offline steam tho. As i said, it occured after 2 hours of plays, i did some matches during that gaming session, and there was no problem. i tried to relaunch game and match, still the same error. thanks for time and help
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