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  1. Its just shocking how I've played the game for 2 hours and its obvious there's a few really annoying bugs...what kind of QA did the patch and game go through?
  2. I thought FM 2011 was supposed to have been the most BETA tested of all releases? So why am I annoyed by three of the most obvious grievances I've had with FM? 1. For some un-known reason every time the game gets to the tactics screen before a match it refuses to stick on the Formation view and stays on a Player view...I want to see the whole squad every time I get here not that one player! 2. Why can't i have a customised view that applies to all areas? I create one to view with my First Team...and then I have to create one for every single other team again and again? 3. When watching a game in TV mode, why doesnt the in-game widget stick to MY teams ratings? It changes depending on Home or Away...thats ridiculous!!
  3. Quick Question

    I am offically a ******....thanks very much
  4. Hi, I've had a look around and couldn't find anything. It's nothing major or game breaking....but does anybody else find their DL and ML switch positions in the Team Tactic listing. So instead of it listing GK, then DR, DL,DC,DC going down, it has GK, DR,ML, DC, DC. I can't seem to change it round....might be a case of OCD on my part but its really annoying. I used to be able to fix this by chnaging positions around on the pitch part of tactics but even thats not working.
  5. Nice.....try taking Basingstoke to League One. And also try and reach the 5th round of the FA Cup, beating Charlton and Millwall in the first season. Then start a thread.
  6. STEAM sales active now

    Nice one Ben, all sorted now. You're now my favourite SEGA employee......not that I know many others
  7. STEAM sales active now

    Still says unreleased for me
  8. Thanks for the response.....but as a 'responsible retailer' why are STEAM allowing activation then? That just seems really contradictary, SI/SEGA have given in again! ^^^ He knows what I'm talking about ^^^
  9. People have got the game before they should.....thats not a big deal for me. The thing that ****es me off slightly is that SI have now allowed early activation (wouldn't **** me off if I had the game in my hand ), one of the ways is thorugh STEAM. I ordered from STEAM, paid a little bit extra becuase I thought I could get in a little more game time (what a 'tard), but now I'm made to wait because I was a good boy because I ordered from the ONLY people that are honouring the release date!
  10. I've tried to be nice to SI, backing them up when everyone was complaining about the injury bug and people not being able to play on crappy laptops. But this is just stupid. How can the STEAM activation be allowed to go ahead, but the actual game through STEAM is still locked?
  11. So SI have given into the actions of 'unscrupulous' retailers by allowing the activation before the actual release date? So the people who get the game through 'a good retailer' like STEAM still have to wait? Is that not the most contradictory thing SI has done during this release?
  12. Except for what we've already said in this thread! Novo has to change, otherwise its just very funny. And SI have also said the couple of staff changes will also be included.
  13. Wonderkids FM09

    Lallana doesn't seem that good....but I have it on good authority that he's pretty good IRL. One to look out for is Adem Ljajic, plays on the right wing for Partizan (I think, Im at work!).
  14. Not too amazing for me.......goes from 160kb/s to at most 210kb/s
  15. Now thats dedication! I had to update a database at work at 5.25pm, only live 10 minutes away......and I couldn't be bothered!