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  1. 20m for borini?! must be a bug, id report it in the bugs forum if i were you.....
  2. wouldnt worry cause you cant play it til the patch comes out apparently......
  3. I am Tottenham in my current game and had a transfer budget of £28m after selling players etc, and when purchasing a player for 10m upfront and with 30m over 48 months it said when offering the transfer offer that it would take 18m out of my current transfer budget, only once the player signed i was left with 2m. is this a current bug issue or miss calculation with Fm or am i missing something obvious? thanks in advance.
  4. After years of being able to see exactly how much closing down they do, what type of marking they have and how high or low their mentality currently sits through the visible sliders, how do you set your defenders up to get them to do their job... tackle and defend properly? i suppose the main question is this, how is everybody interpreting the new player instructions? my team can create chances but at the other end they are conceding too many chances on goal because of either players marking being ridiculous or just letting players run at them and not bother putting a tackle in... or attemp
  5. i agree with cleon, a set role for a player cant be the best solution without the players around him being played in a certain way to get the best out of him. for me as i use the old classic tactics and dont use the TC i often tweak my strikers mentality to alter wether they stay high up the pitch looking to get in behind defence or if they come deep to drag defenders out if position. and all that depends on what formation the opposition is playing and what players i have playing in my midfield and out wide.
  6. well the results i had once the players mastered the language was much what i hoped for. cavani and falcao started to link up alot more with players and there movement seemed much better, and more importantly started scoring alot more too. so in this fm the language being learned by said player seems to have more of an affect than in previous games.
  7. can someone please explain what projected balance in fm13 is? this may sound like a stupid question but im unsure. am i right in assuming ''balance'' is whats actually in the bank etc? if so what is projected balance? thanks in advance.
  8. with a few tweaks after looking at the players preffered moves who i am playing AML, AMR and STC i altered their creative freedom to suit. considering i am only in my second season and i only had cavani from january in first season and falcao only since end of first season, i have decided to see how they will play once they learn the language of english. i havent really considered it to really hinder a player too much in previous fm's but this fm may be slightly different. i do remember reading somewhere SI were going to make it more like real life football so this may be the problem with my s
  9. i dont have him on high mentality, i alter his mentality to drop deep if the opposition isnt players a defensive midfielder as there is room for him to operate in and will give him a higher mentality if they do play a DM. i just find at times when your midefielders or wingers have the ball in decent position for a through ball the striker at times seems very immobile and doesnt look to get in behind defenders enough. most goals seem to come from crosses for strikers in fm13.
  10. yeah im playing with a lone striker with two wingers and 3 central midfielders with two more attacking minded to get forward and support the ''front 3'', with one holding and shielding the two centre backs from counter attacks. i just find that strikers in the game as a whole dont look to get in behind defenders and seem very static at times and ball watch. i had cavani in the last fm and he was always looking to get in the channels of defenders and more impportantly with runs forward on often he would be looking to make runs in behind. and i have tried everything to my knowledge that i would
  11. i have played fm for years right back to the earliest championship manager days, and loved and succeeded in every game eventually, as i like to fiddle about with classic tactics until i find a formula that works best for different scenarios. but this year i held off playing fm until it had been patched up and was more a ''complete'' game. so far i have almost got things how i want them tactically but there is one thing i am finding hard to get right and not sure if its a problem widespread or if im missing something, and that would be GETTING THE BEST OUT OF A LONE STRIKER. I am Tottenham an
  12. i have held off purchasing FM13 this year until after the turn of the year as i was sick of previous games being patched for months and not having the ''full and complete'' version until about january/february time. so i finally bought the game last week and have been severely hacked off with what i find. my biggest problems are players closing players down then not bothering to tackle despite what setting i have for tackling. can anyone please inform me if they are having this same problem with Fm13? match engine seems full of such noticable flaws. any feedback would be great.
  13. so can ask something. in your classic tactic the team mantality is setting to a high attacking nothc, but will that matter at all since all players have their mentality set individually?? i always thought that if they had them set individually then it wouldnt matter what the team mentality was. if someone could let me know.
  14. Someone shoot parslow and any other dot on that bloody screenshot!! People, evolve with the times 3D is the way forward, u all sound like old Grannys that hate any change to ur normal routine. SI well done for implementing 3D to FM09, hope to have a better version for FM10!!
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