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  1. I'd love this. I never start further down anyway as I can't take the slowdown after a few seasons from all of the regen players.
  2. I've also noticed that tutoring seems to have a much higher failure rate than 2017, but 100% sounds harsh. My experience is probably closer to 60%.
  3. Yeah I noticed this as well. Some of them are still correct, but many are different.
  4. So did anyone else playing the last test db get massive gate receipts?
  5. Yeah something isn't right. It's continued and now I've got 50k in the bank. Broken, but maybe this will be a save where I can actually afford to develop the club a little lol.
  6. There is all the games I've played this season and my income screen. The one cup game was from the League Open. Tickets are 4 pounds. I don't understand it.
  7. I'm playing as Westbury SC and I'm somehow getting a ton of income from games that doesn't seem right. 12k+ this month from gate receipts and match day income from just 3 home games with a total attendance of 101. Tickets are $4...
  8. Is this the same error you were getting before or a new one?
  9. Please excuse the off-topic. What is the actual difference in-game when choosing between a small/med/large database?
  10. Curious, for those who run all of the leagues, just how slow does it run for you? Last year I think I started in 14 or so and after a few seasons it was really chugging.
  11. Galeg

    Virgin Football

    This is great
  12. Your decision, but I hope you do. Thanks for all the work!
  13. Can anyone give me an idea of how the game determines the quality of the newgen players added to teams when this option is selected? Is it totally random? Based on team reputation? Youth level? Thanks!