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  1. Your decision, but I hope you do. Thanks for all the work!
  2. Can anyone give me an idea of how the game determines the quality of the newgen players added to teams when this option is selected? Is it totally random? Based on team reputation? Youth level? Thanks!
  3. 1,500 in the Vanarama Regional? That's outrageously large compared to my save. For the past few seasons there were about 2 teams averaging over 1,000 and most teams 400-600. This is still a save carried over from beta though, so maybe it was changed.
  4. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Yeah, this seems comically easy compared to the heartache of past attempts.
  5. On my squad view page the APPS stat is aligned to the top of the cell, but only for a few player (Calvin Davies and Jimmy Wild). I have not noticed this happening for other stats or players, but haven't played that much.
  6. I think mine was at level 11.
  7. Excellent! I'm new to FM with 2017 and really appreciate the thought of adding a discount for existing customers. That's not a widespread practice in the gaming market. I'll be eagerly awaiting news for FM2018, thanks.
  8. Yeah, I experimented with that once before. I couldn't get all of them and gave up. I think I'll give this a try though as I never considered hiding the CA and PA.
  9. Ah, OK. I'm not sure which way would be more fun. Attributes and no CA and PA or the other way around. Or some combination.
  10. Yes, I am talking about the budget set by the board. Do you know if staff is included in that same weekly number? I see it is two separate numbers in the financials....
  11. I'm very new to FM and have tried searching the forum for an answer, so sorry if this comes through as dense. Could someone let me know exactly what all gets calculated into the weekly wage budget? I don't see a way in the financial screen to drill down the costs in any detail. I'm playing a lower league team in N. Ireland at the moment. All of the players just have appearance fees and such and no actual wage. I'm trying to work around about 430 pounds a week, but not understanding what all expenses go into that is frustrating. Since the players have no wages, is it counting appearance fees? What about other fees? Is it only counting the costs of the squad I take into matches, or everyone? My weekly wage doesn't seem to change if I take a different squad into a game so I'm guessing that's not how it works. Are staff wages also counted in this number? Do players get paid fees for friendlys? Sorry for all those questions, but as you can see I have no clue. Thanks in advance for responses.