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  1. Are there plans to fill out the rest of the SW Peninsula League?
  2. Working for me. I'm using 1843433318_EnglandLevel10LeagueDataUpdates,fmf
  3. I think I'll come back in a week or two. Thanks for working this all out, though!
  4. No worries. I was only 10 games in, I had just spent a lot of time taking it slow. Hoping to sign the same people, sim a little, and hopefully be in roughly the same place.
  5. I believe you can right click the GAMES tab and select TOOLS instead.
  6. I've noticed the inbox seems slower to load than in past years, but everything else seems about the same for me.
  7. I meant ugly as in a little inhuman. But believe me, it's a huge improvement. I'm happy.
  8. Has anyone else noticed their regen faces changing since the update? New hair styles and they look a lot more like individuals, so that's good. Unfortunately many of them are ugly, but hey you can't have everything. I'm just happy to be able to tell them apart. Tell me I'm not going nuts, guys.
  9. I can't recall a training injury, but I have been resting players a lot. It seems like anything over 3-4 games in 3 weeks causes a high risk injury rating. It's been kind of challenging to manage match sharpness.
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