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  1. Thats another great intake, congrats. Do you think the stars given to the top youngsters reflect a good premiership level?
  2. concur, more enjoyable following your endeavor than playing FM myself, keep it up, please
  3. Oh my, Hull seems to be on a real rut, they'd been top of the league.. did their losing streak start with your defeat?
  4. Great read sorry to hear about the slowdowns and troubles. Is it possible to untick the lower levels of the pyramid as you advance in the league system? Maybe you could holiday a couple of years to see what happens?
  5. aldish

    Vad U Z

    Got a little money from EL qualifications so:
  6. aldish

    Vad U Z

    A "top" players signs for liechtenstein
  7. aldish

    Vad U Z

    Yay again Is that maxed out already?
  8. aldish

    Vad U Z

    not the hardest draw of the all, here's hoping
  9. aldish

    Vad U Z

    Quite unexpected
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