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  1. can you link this tac please? so many tactics om OP its too confusing
  2. Think its about time i bought this years game, obviously i wanna get it as cheap as possible, does anyone know if this site and price is legit? https://www.gamesdeal.com/football-manager-2019-pc-cloud-activation.html?a_aid=shoppinguk&cy=gbp&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5YmipJCY4QIVmpntCh1p-Q0pEAQYAiABEgKXfPD_BwE Thanks
  3. maybe a daft question, but what does SUS tactic mean?
  4. is it essential that everyone is on tackle harder? getting crazy amount of yellow and red cards
  5. thanks for the advice mate, i'll look into all that tomorrow, cheers
  6. it came today, cant believe the difference in speed and general performance, wish id upgraded earlier haha. but im pretty old school like that, if something works why replace it, know what i mean?
  7. Just orfered new lappy, my pc finally had it after 8 years https://www.box.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.002-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-53HF_2283341.html
  8. Any recommendations on which sites are good to get lappy on finance, cant afford one outright and my current pc is really starting to show its age now
  9. Im afraid i have to agree with OP, i also use commentary only and always have done, the new UI is just horrible, its like they changed too much in one go. Same on the tactic screen i have to click expand or reduce to see what my team is and the stats etc, why not just keep it as it was where i could see both at the same time? Sorry to rant but as a player for almost 20 years i just feel like this is the worst year ever, and i know ultimately SI dont give a toss if theres one or 2 disgruntled users, but if there was an option to just go back to fm17 UI it would be perfect.
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