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  1. because it too hard and anyways i was wonder are you going to do editing in FM Editor is when Nations and ECA Breakway from UEFA And FIFA in FM 2024
  2. hey dude i was thinking but frozen in time file is not working 2023-2024 season was start and it never start qualfying rounds
  3. so what is your chances for you get promotion
  4. well i try doing some non league to legend challenge so anyways what is the rules
  5. hey dude anyways is this non league to legend challenge
  6. hello guys well i going to start an new save named Portuguese non league to legend the first club i will manage is forense and hope i will have great sucess here
  7. wait so AFC will have 3 tierd AFC Club Comps and what will happen to AFC Cup and there is some countries can play in AFC Club Comps
  8. now it's official Abrantes e Benfica rose to the Second League for the first time in history this is the third time that Abrantes e Benfica have moved up to Divisions we beat Porto B by 1-3 and now we will face Lank Vilaverdense in the final of Liga 3 I hope we win against them and become champios
  9. well we got promoted back to back again we got Abrantes e Benfica promoted to Liga 3 for first time in history this is two times that Abrantes e Benfica gets promoted and now the next step is segunda liga and we almost reached to Primeira Liga
  10. well we are champions of AF Santarem 1 Divisao and Abrantes e Benfica got Promoted to Campeonato de Portugal for first time in history after Abrantes FC they have return to Fourth Tier for first time since 2007-2008 season well they now own an stadium and became an semi-professional well i hope they explain it the stadium because if i will promoted them to Primeira Liga in 2025-2026 maybe we could playing into another stadium
  11. well we start AF Santarem 1 Division very well we have the best attacking and defending and good striker we score 47 goals in first half and now we going to get promotion to CDP maybe in second half we going to do very well
  12. well i will do an challenge that it inspired Park to Premier the portuguese version out of this will be called Passeio Para Primeira Liga (Eng subs will be called Park to Primeira Liga) and the first club that i will do the challenge will be Abrantes e Benfica in Passeio para Primeira Liga it will take 10 seasons for them to become Champions of Primeira Liga and you will take down Benfica,Sporting and Porto to became Champions well enjoy doing that challenge
  13. well the first half of bundesliga is done and now they are doing very well they score 46 goals with Adeyemi having 18 goals maybe if case we do an without defeats maybe dortmund would be champions in no time maybe marco reus will be very happy
  14. well i ended up get drawn in group stage with Barcelona,Feyenoord and Legia well i allready meet Barcelona in CL and La Liga and i meet Feyenoord last season but i never meet Legia well maybe this going very hard group as we will finish 1st place with barcelona but we can win back to back champions league
  15. well we got an draw and we ended up get Real Madrid,Juventus and Red Star in Group Stage this is going to be very hard group but we can make it to round of 16
  16. after Dortmund bottled it up during last matchday against Mainz 2-2 wish cost Dortmund first win title in 11 years and Reus first bundesliga title now i go back in time as Edin Terzic and became the manager of Dortmund and now he needs to help the players to challenge the title and broke bayern dominance so the man will help dortmund to get some wins before they bottled it up
  17. well i finish in first season of Vitor Oliveira Challenge with Lusitano de Evora with AI Manager Pedro Pinto Lusitano de Evora became an Profissional team after they got promoted to Terceira Liga and i won CNS beating Gondomar by 1-0 now in second season i doing very well in Terceira Liga and we are promotion contenters from Segunda Liga two steps to primeira liga and bring back Alentejo Map to Top League we dominance in first phase Group D in CNS and we dominance in Promotion Stage in CNS too as well Mais 2 Todas as reações: 3Owais Khawaja e 2 outras pessoas
  18. well i finish first season Manage Newcastle United and i help them winning Premier League for first time in 110 years and i also win Champions League,FA Cup and League Cup at same season Kumar the Fiji Player an player that i bought at Atletico have score 47 goals and won top scorer of premier league this was very best and great season and hope we can win some trophies in second season
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