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  1. after updating my windows to the new windows creator version it has launched my game I haven't checked by playing a match but it is working now thanks for all the help really appreciate it I let u know if anything happens when I try to play the game
  2. yh yh I have literally done everything available on your website and on other forums aswell and I have repeated all the steps prob 4times each of them very carefully that I have done and I have gone as far as reinstalling windows 10
  3. Nvidia in-game overlay cant be a problem at all and with xbox over lay is off too and I just downloaded direct x there is no result still same now this is just getting so repetitive and frustrating
  4. Nope no anti virus only the windows defender thing that comes with the windows
  5. This is my new DxDiag Idk if It might have changed but I am posting this again as I said before that I have rested my pc DxDiag.txt
  6. nope I am getting desperate right now tried everything even went as far as resetting my pc and redoing everything but nothing seems to work ;( And if there is any way to speed up the process plz do let me know as I am leaving for another country and wifi there is dreadful and it will be hard to contact people from there thx
  7. I recently just downloaded my graphic card driver idk why that might be a issue and the second thing you told me as already been done i did that ages ago with same result in the end i will just incase will reinstall my graphic card driver
  8. first try win everythihng andthen next season let go of some of your best player and try defend title withouth big name pif you think why would u let go f your best player well obv bcz your are porto and laliga prem is better dvision no matter waht u win and make a scenario where people want to move to a better leageu as they might be offering better wages then porto
  9. Ii have done th4ese before and i just did them again just incase but still no result
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