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  1. I'll try that. Thank you for your response. PS: Won the UCL final against City (REVENGE!!!!!!!!) in the penalties, so definitely the problem is the tempo is really high against the weaker teams because they don't have time to think how to score with a wall of 11 players . Thank you all for your replies.
  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in this boat . And I completely agree with you. Is "easier" to beat City than Tondela or Chaves, etc. But I don't know if this is your case or not but for me is just the finishing. Like the old football saying goes in portuguese "quem não marca sofre" and that's what happens to me. I'm making shots, I'm making clear cut chances, but I just don't capitalize, and I don't capitalize by very close misses.
  3. Actually no, only 5 long shots from 30 total, the shots they miss are like barely hitting the outside of the post, and I don't mean that these players are bad at finishing or something like that, no, I'm talking about Jonas. This season Jonas only scored 4 goals in total, and players of his quality have the same number of goals. It's insane.
  4. Introduction Hello, first I want to say that my English isn't very good. Second i play FM since FM16. I've being playing FM19 for the past 4 weeks and I've been playing the tactic I was playing back in FM18. A 4-2-3-1 very offensive and high intensity. The tactic is this: Mentality : Attacking CF(A) IF(A) AP(S) IF(A) BWM(D) - DLP(S) CWB(S) - CB(S) - CB(S) - CWB(S) SK(S) (Later I'm going to post pics of the tactic, right now I can't.) I have no PIs. The goal of the tactic is mainly beat the offside trap and score goals in 1on1s. My idea was making a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-3) more offensive, by making every second of the game count, now what do I mean by that? Very briefly means every second attacking. This tactic is not meant to recycle possession, or waste time. Now in my head the picture I had was: - With possession: (TIs: Normal width, Pass Into Space, Play Out Of Defence, Extremely High Tempo, Slightly Direct Passes, Work Ball Into Box, Mixed Crosses) We are going to overload the center with 3 players (the center mid and att mid) and they are going to be making fast passes to the center flanks of the big to the IFs so they can shoot placed shots at first touch, or even receive it and then shoot. This is one of the scenarios. Second scenario will be if they can't find the space to shoot then they will pass to the CWB and the CWB will cross where it will be the 2 IFs and the CF, with the rest of the team in support (except ofc the CBs). Third scenario would be one of the IFs making a key pass to the CF who would then be 1on1 with the keeper. - In transition: (TIs: Counter-Press, Counter, Distribute Quickly To Center-Backs, Take Short Kicks) Attack to Defence: all the players except the attacking trio (IFs and CF) would go back to defend. But ALL of the team would press like crazy () to win the ball back (like Gegenpressing). Defence to Attack: all the playing except the CBs would go forward. (This is when the 3rd scenerio could happen very often (Counter-attack duh) - Without possession: (TIs: Use Offside Trap, Max LOE, Max D Line, Standard Width, Use Tighter Marking, Pressing Extremely Urgent, Prevent Short GK..., Get Stuck In) Exactly like "Attack to Defence". () Conclusion: Now before you flame me or something like that, I want to say that with this tactic/approach I've won in FM17 the UCL with Anderlecht beating Monaco in the R16, Stade Rennais (they were the 2nd best team in France, behind ofc PSG) with an agg of 8-1 in the QF, beating PSG with an agg of 10-2 in the SF and beating Man U 2-1 with the winning goal in the last minute of regular time. In FM18 with Benfica I've always won the league with a real quiet ride but always losing to City and only City in UCL (and i mean always). In FM19 is where I need help, with Benfica (I'm portuguese and "benfiquista") in the UCL was good, beating every one except Inter (3-0 ), beating also City (revenge! 2 times in the GS), Real Madrid in the R16 (tough games only drawing but I've scored more away goals), Atletico Madrid in the QF(same story) and Liverpool in the SF with an agg of 10-4. Playing against City in the final. (Ah, my arch enemy, I love you Pep but I can't always be playing against you ). Problem. In the league I just can't score, i make 30+ shots, about 15+ shots on target and only score 1 or 2, sometimes not even scoring. And this only happens with all the teams expect Porto, Sporting and Braga, while in UCL I score many goals like I walk. I need to know if it's the tactic, if it's the players (probably not) or if it's me. What is happening with me in FM19 is the exact opposite of what happen in FM18. Really sorry for the long post but I am really tired of this nonsense, I'm desperate at the point of only do Attacking Movement in training. Pls help.
  5. Doing , unfortunately, the unthinkable in the real world, Benfica in the Champions League Final against City. But on the other end, i make 30+ shots and 1 or 2 goals but always lose in the league, but in the UCL I just demolishing teams SI fix the ME for once PS: With no new players, only with the current squad.
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