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  1. Getting a new laptop soon and going for a mac. If i copy over my currrent save game (on pc) should it work just the same on the mac when i install the game etc? Cheers!
  2. Couldnt agree more, great post. Certain features like, press conferences, team talks, match prep are half arsed attempts that are boring and repetitive. They do nothing but bloat the game and i'd rather time went onto creating the best match engine ever, rather than updating team talks...
  3. Listen, don't tell me that FM isn't the game for me...i've been playing it since it was first released in its CM days in the early 90s. My point is why is there the need for 6messages to come up about a game thats approaching?...why not condense it into one or two?...with the key information within it? This is what i mean about tweeking and fine tuning rather than wholesale changes and brand new features...
  4. No, you have me confused... I don't want gimmicky acts like Fifa manager, have you even played CM 01/02?...go play that and then play Fifa manager, worlds apart. I'm still looking for a realistic experience, but just not really loving the 6screens i need to go through on match day, cut out all the needless garbage and you have yourself the makings of a great game
  5. My point is though, at the end of the day, It made its name as a management "game"...not a simulation. Right now its going towards the simulation state, I think a good majority would prefer it being a fun game again. If not, like i've said above...the option to control how much depth we want to go into would be good, i.e. turning off features that we don't want to use...
  6. Does anyone else wish that SI took this approach to the FM series? SO many pointless features are brought in every year, I don't care about features and I doubt many of the FM'ers use them either. I'd prefer a fine tweek of the game, make it faster to run, quicker to get through a season etc. For instance, I've just went to play a game, and I've got 6 "clicks" to go through before i progress "pre match advice meeting" "good crowd expected for celtic match" "mcinnes doubts celtic chances" "st johnstone face difficult celtic challenge" "lennon pinpoints samuel threat" "pre match press conference about to begin" 6Things which i skip, but still really slow the gametime down. anyone who's played it will agree that CM 01/02 was the best from the series, this was because how quickly it ran, you could get through a season in about 3hours!...I've played 7hours of My season and I'm just entering November, it doesn't feel like a "game" and the small things that have to be done "agents, press conferences, team talks" really seem like a chore. I know you dont HAVE to do all these things, but they affect your team in a big way, especially team talks! I'd love for SI to take an evolutionary approach to FM, fine tune, tweek etc rather than implement new and IMO pointless features, like 3D. Or better still, give us an option to turn all the "added features" off...i'd rather have a less "in depth simulation" and more a "quick pick up and play game"... Thats my two cents, rant over.
  7. [FM11][RELEASED] Galaxy Skin

    Cool, thanks alot!
  8. [FM11][RELEASED] Galaxy Skin

    Is there any chance anyone could upload the original skin without the calender and stuff?...i really liked the look of that
  9. I've said this for years. My one example would be Neil Lennon, his short passing in real life was fantastic, would never give the ball away...yet he couldnt ping 50yard wonder passes about the place. How could this be represented in the game?...by doing what the OP says and having short and long passing. I'd also like someone from SI to clarify if the "crossing" attribute does indeed play a part in this, but being an ex researcher I can't recall anytime we were ever told this.
  10. Laptop or Desktop

    Don't need to worry about this thanks to MichaelMurrayUk who made a skin designed for laptops/netbooks, no more scrolling
  11. Had a trip to london the last few days so decided to really try and get into FM10 (as i failed to get properly "into" a game previously) on the train down (5hours to kill!) Finally got used to the touchline instructions and using the game without the sliders on the tactics, and i have to say it makes the game far more simpler and enjoyable, i finally feel asif all the micromanagement that was in place before has gone. Seriously, for those maybe not feeling they are enjoying FM10 as previous versions, try to get used to the new tactic system if you haven't already done so, makes the game so much better!
  12. Go to the skinning hideout and download the netbook skin, i have the same resolution and it solved all my problems
  13. Shall be joining this tonight as i continue my Roma save Half way through my first season...got 0transfer budget but managed to sell a few players and have Cueff coming through in January! Could some Kind mod change the thread title to (player naming) aswell?
  14. Just wondering if it does, might be my imagination but it feels like the game is quicker when its on full screen...I have no evidence of this as its only feeling but i prefer having it in windowed as i have things like msn and spotify open too... Anyone had any experience of this?