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  1. FM15 Sidebar

    In theory it should work. Did you restart the game? I don't think reloading the skin works for the accent colours file.
  2. FM2005 Skin - Andersson? Ter?

    It will take some time getting used to the changes in the file structure, but in the long run the new structure should prove much more logical. In the old one stuff used to be all over the place, at least now there's some kind of structure in place.
  3. FM15 Sidebar

    We've changed how images are sliced to make it easier to export assets, but in terms of gradients the end result will be the same I'm afraid. Instead of exporting 9 slices for a graphic, you now simply export a single graphic and define the slice points in the the xml. <!-- image slices determine the points at which the image will be sliced to enable scaling --> <!-- the image will only slice in the directions slicing values are provided for--> <record id="image_slices" left="8" right="8" top="8" bottom="8"/> In the end this works exactly the same as slicing things in Photoshop worked previously, so if you want a gradient you'll need a slice that's big enough to fit the entire gradient or it will stretch. It just allows quicker changes as we don't have to deal with Photoshops fiddly slicing tools.
  4. FM15 Sidebar

    They are unmodifiable in the Beta, but it has changed since then. In the final version of the game they will simply use a normal divider picture (with no background colour set in code).
  5. FM15 Sidebar

    1. It doesn't currently use a background image, it just sets a colour on the container itself. This has been logged as a bug today. You might be able to change the appearance of it by putting a container inside it and setting an appearance on that, but I don't think it's possible to make it transparent at the moment. 2. Yeah, the text is always white. The sidebar doesn't use the team titlebar colour as we wanted to have more control over the colours (to avoid the poor contrast which is present for some teams on the titlebar (which would be unacceptable for the main navigation), and also avoid straight up 255,0,0 reds (for example) which some teams have set in the DB. What happens is there is a set of pre-defined 'accent' colours (can be seen in a file called accent_colours.xml) that we map the team colour to based on hue, saturation and lightness. In the Real Madrid example, the white main colour fails the lightness check, so it moves on to the secondary colour instead and uses that (or rather, the accent colour that the secondary colours values map to). I've got a chart and explanation of the accent colour system that I can post up at some point if there is interest in it, but unfortunately I don't have time at the moment.
  6. FM2005 Skin - Andersson? Ter?

    Hey, cool that someone remembers Elegance. That was a really long time ago! Sure.
  7. FM15 Sidebar

    We are definitely not sabotaging skinning on purpose. Both me and Ricey come from the community so SI obviously sees the value in the work skinners do. What generally happens (as with the sidebar) is that the game is very complex behind the scenes and we have to support a lot of different scenarios (more so with every new version). Building something that works well and remains highly customisable is more difficult and time consuming, so it's not always possible to fit in the time we have. Ultimately it will always be more important to have something that works well in it's default state as that is what most people will be experiencing. That said, I do feel your pain and I agree that we could do a better job with it. I'll raise the issue internally and see what can be done.
  8. Impossible to change Analyser Polygon

    It's drawn in code this year so that it can be re-sized dynamically without losing quality, so the graphic is no longer used. You can change the colours of it in XML instead, in player attribute analyser outfield/goalkeeper.xml.
  9. Work on the dark skin started ages ago. Just wait for further information, all I can say is you won't have to wait months for a dark skin.
  10. It's not necessary, because there will be a dark skin no matter what the results in this poll are..
  11. It's not functionality though, it's a skin. The functionality to add a sidebar is there for everyone to use, and people have created skins using it already.
  12. Transparent skins

    The background fix will be included in patch 2 which will be released before christmas
  13. That's a different issue. We are looking into it.
  14. It's fairly obvious once you're inside global panels.xml. Just change: <!-- background picture - covers entire screen <widget class="background" file="backgrounds/default"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0"/> <attachment class="get_global_attachment" get_property="bgnd" set_property="file" skip_if_null="true"/> </widget> --> to <!-- background picture - covers entire screen --> <widget class="background" file="backgrounds/default"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0"/> <attachment class="get_global_attachment" get_property="bgnd" set_property="file" skip_if_null="true"/> </widget> You will also need to update the graphics in boxes/main to be transparent to be able to see the background.
  15. As Ter already explained we haven't intentionally removed the changing background functionality. If that is indeed the case then we'll have to look into what's causing it.