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  1. shizzo

    [DISCUSSION] Manager background

    I thought it would he interesting to give your manager a slightly more in-depth background. When picking your team you would be able to put your previous position at a club before this job,m. For example : -You would be able to select that you were previously the assistant manager, a coach, the reserves/u23 manager or youth team manager. -This message would show up during your introduction and in your coaching history Just a thought about creating more depth for the manager. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to suggest them.
  2. A good addition might be that managers gain a reputation among players, agents or other managers based on player development trends. - a young player from an elite club lacking game time would be more inclined to play for a manger with a history of taking such players and improving them instead of sticking around and stagnating. - as with shaktar and brazilians, if a team has a history of signing foreign players from a specific nation they might become the preferred club for players from that country/region. -leagues might start earning a reputation such as how germany has become a new place for young english players to develop. these trends would appear through articles as well increasing awareness among the football community. -agents and players will see that your club could be a useful stepping as a result of your transfer business with similar players.
  3. Would you be interested in turning this into a traditional save (career updates page) at some point?
  4. How do you know what a good fee is? For example, I could get 30m from a player but he leaves and is worth double and I’ve missed out
  5. One of my main problems when playing FM is overpaying for players and selling them only to realise they’re worth well above that. Does anyone have any tips or methods when they go about making transfers?
  6. Was thinking about some careers I’d enjoy reading about and thought there might be others who wanted somewhere to write what they’d like. Also might act as inspiration for people who don’t know what kind of career they want. For example, reading the Ozïl guide made me interested in seeing a Benfica career with the aim of buying and reselling for profit (something I’m going to get into when I’m back on my laptop) or even a German career continuing the trend of signing young english players and developing them.
  7. Ah cheers. As for internationals I think it would interesting to see you manage a small footballing country such as DR Congo, Jamaica and other caribbean countries convincing players to switch to playing for their lesser known nationility.
  8. how did you get the pan-am games? really enjoy the international aspect of this save
  9. I keep seeing high quality player rotting away at clubs (especially madrid stockpiling them). Due to wage demands they probably won’t leave even if they go a whole season without playing. International management is a big reason I play so my suggestion would be that if they aren’t getting picked for they country with the reason being lack of game time, the players would make a genuine attempt to leave. Even without the omissions from the national squads players would take a wage cut to play as it seems like a big but more importantly, unrealistic waste of good players. hope to hear any criticism or ideas.
  10. shizzo

    suggest an international call up.

    there could a be an indicated level of trust based on previous recommendations
  11. did anyone here manage Wellington Phoenix? interested if people enjoyed or are currently enjoying a career with them. I’ve struggled with the financial side and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same problem.
  12. shizzo

    Diaspora Clubs

    Wanted to start a career with a scottish club in england much like how wales has a few. Any steps to make this easier would be very helpful.
  13. shizzo

    Scottish team in english leagues

    much appreciated bud
  14. I’m looking to create a scottish team that plays in the english leagues (similar to how wales have merthyr, cardiff, swansea ...) my only concern is how i can get scottish regens. is there a way i can have that despite being in the part of the english leagues?
  15. shizzo

    u23 Management

    I think that u23 management in england would make a good addition to the leagues available. I’ve put together some reasons why. -They play in multiple legitimate competitions: Premier League 2, International Cup and EFL Cup. -u19,u20,u21 and u23 management is available for international teams and I believe it should also be available at club level. -I think it would make for a good starting point for management and for those looking for an alternative to the careers they’ve had in prior editions I also have some suggestions should this ever happen -The senior team manager might ask for you to use his tactics -Ahead of a senior game, he might ask for a recommendation on some of your players to start for the next game, to feature on the bench, to become more involved with first team training or be part of the pre-season tour. -Following the sacking of the senior team manager, you might be hired for the position of caretaker. Based on your results the board might make it permanent or send you back. That’s all for now but I welcome any other ideas or thoughts on mine cheers