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  1. there could a be an indicated level of trust based on previous recommendations
  2. did anyone here manage Wellington Phoenix? interested if people enjoyed or are currently enjoying a career with them. I’ve struggled with the financial side and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same problem.
  3. shizzo

    Diaspora Clubs

    Wanted to start a career with a scottish club in england much like how wales has a few. Any steps to make this easier would be very helpful.
  4. shizzo

    Scottish team in english leagues

    much appreciated bud
  5. I’m looking to create a scottish team that plays in the english leagues (similar to how wales have merthyr, cardiff, swansea ...) my only concern is how i can get scottish regens. is there a way i can have that despite being in the part of the english leagues?
  6. I think that u23 management in england would make a good addition to the leagues available. I’ve put together some reasons why. -They play in multiple legitimate competitions: Premier League 2, International Cup and EFL Cup. -u19,u20,u21 and u23 management is available for international teams and I believe it should also be available at club level. -I think it would make for a good starting point for management and for those looking for an alternative to the careers they’ve had in prior editions I also have some suggestions should this ever happen -The senior team manager might ask for you to use his tactics -Ahead of a senior game, he might ask for a recommendation on some of your players to start for the next game, to feature on the bench, to become more involved with first team training or be part of the pre-season tour. -Following the sacking of the senior team manager, you might be hired for the position of caretaker. Based on your results the board might make it permanent or send you back. That’s all for now but I welcome any other ideas or thoughts on mine cheers
  7. shizzo

    [Australia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I'm currently managing wellington phoenix in the a-league. prior to that i was managing melbourne victory. when i received my youth intake for the latter i was able to sign them on a 6 year youth deal for £35 a week and didn't need to register them for the league. however at wellington i don't seem to have that option and i'm forced to give 16 year old with very low ca a contract i would give to a senior squad member. this also means that i'm forced to register them and with only 23 places for registration i often have to release some talented youth players. is this normal or is there a way i can fix this? cheers
  8. Although this might have been discussed before, i think manager history as both a player and even in coaching roles before management would add some depth to the career. I'm also a big fan of the idea that you could start your career as a caretaker manager at any point during the season following the sacking of the manager.
  9. I was looking to start a journeyman career with the idea that i would manage in various countries using that countries ‘tactical identity’ (Italian teams not using wingers for example). So I wondering what the identity is in your country or one that you’re interested in?
  10. This has probably been posted before but i keep seeing players signing for big clubs for large sums of money and then playing 6 games in 4 seasons. it seems quite unrealistic that they wouldnt be sold or at least loaned out.
  11. shizzo

    [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    big fan of this. hopefully it makes a comeback
  12. shizzo

    ME loophole

    asking for a friend
  13. just some things that i would personally like to see in the game and for anyone who might agree or have some suggestions 1) for NT management. if you are a managing a small footballing nation (san marino, luxembourg) and achieve some success relative to the country's stature such as reaching a world cup, the country's FA might decide that more investment would be a good idea. academies might be built across the country which would allow for increased talent in upcoming youth intakes for clubs. they might alternatively decide to invest in specific clubs to improve their facilities. which leads me to my next suggestion. 2) as a big club looking to loan out players to your affiliate, the level of the facilities means that development of the loanees might be hampered in spite of the playing time. my suggestion is that the smaller club might ask its senior affiliate to invest in improving facilities (a negotiation for the percentage of the fee might be included) or the senior team might offer this investment with the accordance of the board. 3) i also think that once a club reaches a certain level of wealth, they might have the option to create a football academy in a smaller, less wealthy country. this would allow them to have exclusive access to talented youth players in that country. 4) much like there has been in china and qatar in the past, every few years or so might see a wave of players join wealthier countries such as the aforementioned as a result of some strong investment by the FA or others. there might also be a hidden personality trait that would mean players could be drawn by the new, large wages (hulk, axel witsel) or some would prefer to remain in a 'competitive' league (ronaldo, sanchez ... etc) i had some others that is struggling to remember but ill hopefully write them as soon as i do. cheers
  14. also think it would be interesting as a way for NT team managers of smaller nations to tempt players with the second nationality of that country to play for them if they're not at the level required for their first nationality.
  15. shizzo

    An Impossible Man

    i'm a big fan. international football has never really been covered by especially at youth level so this has been great. really appreciate it.