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  1. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey End of Season Review Squad This is how our squad looks in terms of average rating. January signing Lusamba sits at the top and he had a huge influence on our promotion push scoring seven and assisting five in just twelve games. Other than that, I think we have some good players heading into France's top league! Reserves and Youth Our reserves and youth teams are also looking quite strong, I'll be looking to bring a couple up in the coming years (especially given our financial situation as you will see a little later). Team of the Year We dominated the team of the year with seven players and they also won a number of individual awards for their performances over the course of the season. Unfortunately, we didn't win the Manager of the Season award which went to the Valenciennes manager... French Cup Whilst on the theme of Valenciennes, they actually reached the final of the French cup after beating PSG earlier in the competition where they played... That's right, an all-Ligue 2 cup final and Stade Brestois walked away with the trophy. Fan Awards Our left-back Atila Turan won the Fans' Player of the Season award with Ndom getting Goal of the Season. Sponsorship and Finances For finances, hopefully all these will improve in the top league and we absolutely need it... Summary First season over, we got the pressure season out of the way and won promotion. Now, expectations shouldn't be too high for next year and we can concentrate on avoiding relegation. Since I'm lacking the time to do this at the moment, I'm probably going to change the format of all updates in the future but we'll see how it goes!
  2. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey May As mentioned last time out, we are now champions but can our team stay focused for three opponents in the bottom four? Red Star FC (A) First game of the month, we managed to grab a good victory against Red Star and it seems as though the players haven't started thinking about their holidays just yet. Stade Lavallois MFC (H) Dominated the shot count but perhaps the sunshine on a beach on some remote island is just starting to catch their eye. Bourg-en-Bresse 01 (A) Nope, they've gone. Wouldn't surprise me if they took their phones onto the pitch and started booking their holidays early; a goal from Lusamba finished the season and our last game in Ligue 2. On a positive note, this point for Bourg-en-Bresse allowed them to escape relegation; thought I would help the lower teams out League Table As we know, we're the champions and Clermont Foot managed to hold on to 2nd place which leaves Valenciennes in the promotion playoff game (despite sitting in second for the majority of the season). Just a short update but next time I will assess the season in full, look at the stats, etc!
  3. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey April Huge. Month. Valenciennes - 2nd. Clermont Foot - 3rd. Both at home. We can seal the title if we can get the desired results. Have I built it up enough? Valenciennes FC (H) Great start, 2-1 victory against our title challengers. Absolutely dominated the game and Charbonnier came up big with around 20 minutes to go. Clermont Foot (H) Wow, what a game. End to end but our defence was the stronger of the two and we won the game 2-0. At times, we've struggled this season but we have performed when it matters with these two games. Chamois Niortais FC (A) I guess that's just how football goes sometimes after beating our two title rivals but we'll take the point considering the circumstances. Tours FC (H) We finished the month with one of the most dominant matches I've seen this season; 28 shots to 2. Although we didn't have any clear-cut chances, Ndom and Turan bagged the goals that secured an unbeaten month. Results and League Table So a positive month all-around but what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? WE DID IT! There were a few moments of panic throughout the season but we've clinched the title and Stade de Reims will be playing their football back in Ligue 1 next year! Interestingly, Clermont Foot have overtaken Valenciennes and the latter faces three games to save their season. Fixtures To finish the season, we have three of the bottom four so, knowing FM, we will probably go winless! Other News For eagle-eyed viewers, you'll notice I haven't talked about a new contract just yet and that's because we hadn't been offered one until mid-April. However, the panic is over and we're set to stay in charge for another two years at least. Also, our U19s won their league which is a positive sign for the club! In the update after next, I'll look through season stats, youngsters, and other areas of interest before then heading into our Ligue 1 season!
  4. Speed Play - A Worldwide Adventure

    Good luck; will be following this! Looks like you're off to a good start already in Northern Ireland!
  5. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey March US Orleans (H) I feel like I'm repeating myself here but it was a great performance, we just couldn't grab those precious three points. We had quite a few shots from distance but without really threatening the keeper too much so we need to work more on the final third (sounds strange considering we scored two). Good goal for Lusamba! Havre Athletic Club (A) Last time, I said I was proud of my two panic signings and they made me feel even better with this game. One for Lusamba, two for Calvert-Lewin and we get the win away to Havre! Racing Club de Lens (H) Another win and another beautiful performance; passing play was superb and we couldn't have done much more against a team threatening the top of the league. Another goal for Lusamba! RC Strasbourg Alsace (A) Finished the month with another three points and our title hunt is well and truly back on. Yet another goal for Lusamba! Results + League Table Just like last month, we got 10 points from a possible 12 and the lack of cup games seems to be helping us massively. With just the league to focus on, we've not lost in a while and have 6 wins from the last 8! Good times all around; we're now well and truly in the top spot and sit 10 points clear of Valenciennes, 12 of Clermont Foot, and 12 of Racing Club de Lens. Unfortunately for Red Star fans, they look all but down with a few other teams struggling at the bottom! Fixtures So our next two games are against 2nd and 3rd respectively. Win both and we make a huge jump towards the dreamland of Ligue 1! Other News Valenciennes, who knocked us out of the cup, went and beat PSG on penalties and are flying the flag for Ligue 2! Elsewhere, we got our youth intake and I'm pretty happy overall. Although we have a handful of players who could feature later in the save, the top three stand out above the rest... Hiriart (Striker) Sow (Full Back) Breant (Attacking Midfielder)
  6. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey February AC Ajaccio (H) Great way to start the month; dominated the ball and created a good amount. Of course, Charbonnier doing what he does best but also good to see the new man on the scoresheet! Amiens SC (A) Although the stats don't show it, we actually played quite well but highlights were few and far between throughout; not as disheartened as I have been for other draws this season. FC Sochaux-Montbe (H) I mean, we had four clear cut chances but we managed to scrape through with just the one goal. However, Sochaux-Montbe are a very good side so I'm more than happy with these three points. ESTAC Troyes (A) YES! Great performance, four clear cut chances again but this time we got four goals. Stunning game to finish the month and I'm starting to feel confident once again. The mid-season blip seems to be over and we're on the way up the league again! Results + League Table Superb month, 10 points from a possible 12 and some very good performances to go with it. Also, Lusamba scored two and Calvert-Lewin got one this month so I'm pretty proud of those two (half panic) signings right at the end of the January window! Good stuff, we're back at the top with a goal difference that eclipses the rest of the league. Once again, we're four points clear at the top but we're eight points clear of 3rd and eleven points ahead of 4th so we're sitting in a good position going into the final couple of months!
  7. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey January NEW SKIN ALERT! After a short break, we have four games this month and it's time to push on and make that first place spot our own! Valenciennes FC (H)(French Cup R9) So...we're now out of the cup. Not even a bad performance; the same problems occurred once again in that we struggle to score and the opposition needs fewer chances to grab the win! Aj Auxerre (A) A fairly equal game as the stats suggest; neither team could really get a grip on the match and the end result was probably a fair one. Stade Brestois (H) Poor performance; didn't get into the game at all but what can we expect when a key man gets sent off after 6 minutes? Starting to let this slip a little, we can't keep dropping points with Valenciennes breathing down our necks. Nimes Olympique (A) This was much better but it still wasn't enough to walk away with the victory which makes this my first update without a win (I believe). Had a number of shots and the team played well but the final pass seemed to be off and shots were limited to outside the box! Results + League Table Not a single green dot, don't like that at all. If we're to meet the expectations of the board, we're going to need a solid couple of months! How does the table look after this month? So we've lost the four point lead but we're within touching distance of Valenciennes. Just like us, the competition seems to be struggling so the title is there for the taking if only we could get some sort of consistency. Other News In other news, Charbonnier was rewarded for some fine performances with the Ligue 2 Player of the Year award. Also, I decided to bring in a couple of new faces on loan to freshen up the squad and hopefully make us a little stronger going into the last few months. Lusamba (Loan) Lusamba is a decent attacking midfielder who should add to our firepower at the top. He has a nice first touch, technique, passing, and vision so I'm hoping he can make a difference. Calvert-Lewin (Loan) Again, looking for firepower and some more goals because the squad doesn't seem to be providing them at the minute. I really like Calvert-Lewin and, although he won't play every game, he can provide competition for places and hopefully a boost in morale. Summary As we head into February, there really isn't long left in the season and we need to start picking up more points!
  8. Win everything with Imps and Gib!!

    Congrats on reaching the group stage! Tricky draw but at least you managed to put the money towards an upgrade!
  9. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Thanks! Hopefully a good run in the cup will keep the team motivated!
  10. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey December US Saint-Maximin (A)(French Cup R8) Great result away from home; hopefully the six goals will get us firing again (although we are just about to head into the winter break!). Ndom managed to bag himself a hat-trick and I witnessed one of the best games I've ever seen from a midfielder, He dominated... For me, the lack of tackling isn't such a concern because he was playing in a more attacking role for this game! For such a great performance, we've been 'rewarded' with a tough tie against our title rivals... Stade Lavallois MFC (A) The possession, the shots, and the performances are still there, we were just unfortunate not to win. If we keep playing well, I'm sure we'll grab enough points over the course of a season to win promotion! GFC Ajaccio (H) Prime example of what I was saying; we played well yet again and this time made the chances pay. Going into the short winter break, we got three important points and Ndom continued his scoring antics! Table and Statistics So we're just over halfway through the season and sit right at the top. Considering the high expectations of the board, fans, and pundits, I was a little nervous at the start but we seem to be living up to every single claim. Most wins, biggest goal difference, and eight points clear of fourth place so we're looking good. In terms of statistics, Charbonnier is joint top goal scorer, Diego and Kankava make an appearance for average rating, and Diego and Chavarria have been contributing with assists. Squad Overall, I'm really happy with the squad (especially with six players getting above 7.30 for average rating). With Ndom, we have a talented young midfielder and Roche could also improve at the back. As you can see, there are a couple of contracts ending in a few months but I think we can replace them with stronger players next season! Here are three of our talents... Charbonnier (ST/AMC) Atila Turan (WBL) Aly Ndom (DM/MC) Big fan of this guy; strong, determined, and a rock in the middle! Ligue 1 Monaco are 16 points clear of PSG and finding the whole league rather easy by the looks of it. 17 games, 16 wins, 0 defeats; unbelievable season so far. At the other end, FC Metz are struggling for points and could find themselves in Ligue 2 next year! Fixtures I forgot to take a screenshot of next months' fixtures but we come back from the break in mid-January and carry on from there!
  11. Win everything with Imps and Gib!!

    Back to the top this year! Loving the progress in rankings and coefficients; must make it really rewarding to play. Also, the new stadium is a huge step in the right direction!!
  12. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Cheers mate, got off to a really good start; just hope we can find that form again because the games will soon fly by!
  13. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    That's exactly it, performances seem to vary from one week to the next!
  14. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey November Five games this month; four in the league and one in the cup as we head closer to the half-way point. Can we remain at the top of the league? Clermont Foot (A) Our first defeat of the season and it wasn't for a lack of trying. Almost three times as many shots as the opposition and more than double the amount on target, but we just couldn't get the goal we needed. Unfortunately, a red card in the 7th minute made it that little bit tougher and Clermont Foot got the winner late on. EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael (A)(French Cup R7) Once again, dominated the shot count as well as the amount on target but the goals seem to have dried up. 40 shots in the last two games but just one goal. However, we're in the draw for the next round and we have been drawn against... Chamois Niortais FC (H) The goals have well and truly disappeared now; make that 60 shots and just one goal. We seem to be playing really good football but the finishing just isn't there for some reason. Tours FC (A) The rough patch continues and we lose (even though we managed to grab a couple of goals). Great possession, created chances, but this time it was a leaky defence that caused us the problems and we went down to Tours FC. Red Star FC (H) Don't panic... we have a win in the league this month! Just as I was starting to panic, we seemed to click the pieces back together and our shots found the target just as they did in the first few games of the season. Results + League Table All aboard the struggle bus! Considering the league table has been so tight so far this season, we needed to avoid this kind of month but how has it left the table? Somehow, someway, we're still at the top. As you can see, Valenciennes struggled too and they gained just two points from four games which meant we extended our lead at the top to four points. Strangely, Clermont Foot are still unbeaten and they've split their 18 games in half between wins and draws. Fixtures So we have three games before the short winter break; one in the cup and two more in the league. Against 7th and 9th, they won't be easy but I would love to go into the break ahead of the rest of the pack! In the next update, I'll bring the stats so far and show who the best players have been this season!
  15. [FM17] Third Time Lucky? (Reims)

    Third Time Lucky? Stade de Reims Journey September Although only early in the season, this could prove to be a big month with two teams in the championship hunt and a Ligue 1 team in the cup. Without further ado, let's take a look! Racing Club de Lens (A) When we went 1-0 down, I was a little worried but we soon turned up the heat and Charbonnier ensured we had a very good start to the month. As the tactic starts to take hold, we're seeing more of the ball and this can only be a good thing with players perhaps above the general standard of this league. RC Strasbourg Alsace (H) One word...lucky. Going into the game, we were second in the table and RC Strasbourg Alsace were rock bottom and perhaps the over-confidence showed. Although we had 17 shots, just four were on target and we really struggled. Luckily for us, they went down to ten men and Charbonnier got the winner with ten minutes to go. FC Metz (A)(Coupe de la Ligue R3) Confession, we dropped this game because I had one eye on the tie with Valenciennes just three days later. Resting the main players, we actually started well and got ahead. After Charbonnier and a couple of others came off the bench, I thought we might go ahead and win it but we were unfortunate in the end. This being said, we gave a very good showing against a team in the league above! Valenciennes FC (A) So...players were well rested going into this clash and the table was looking intriguing to say the least. How did we do? Can Charbonnier grab us the vital three points? In answer to the second question, Charbonnier needed just nineteen seconds to score and we took charge from here. Huge win; pushes us to the top of the table and we're looking very good indeed. Results + League Table Another good month. Shame about the cup game but we really needed to rest our key players for the fixture against Valenciennes so we can't really complain. Despite going unbeaten for 14 games, this is the first team we have been in first place (let's hope we can stay there!). As before, some other teams are looking strong so we will have to keep performing if we want to be champions. As you can see, we've been drawn against EFC Frejus Saint-Raphael in the seventh round of the French Cup so that'll be in the next month. Speaking of which... Fixtures Five games next month. Either side of the cup tie, we have teams in 5th and 3rd to contend with so the games don't get any easier. After this, we finish the month with games against Tours FC and Red Star FC!