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  1. Looking forward to try your schedules - finally getting back to the playing again after the update "circus". Played the Beta, tried to make schedules, but that went as well as my tactics - no too good at all
  2. Yeah it's quite some tinkering with everything most of the time, great for experienced fm players and for players with enough spare time, but it could also be be quite a challenge, if not a problem for the newbie or the casual player. Agreed no real life manager sits on the touch line doing nothing for 90 mins. but we got to remember that FM isn't real life, but a game. A game i guess that most of us play for fun, I know i do and have done that since CM Italia '95 on my old Amiga, but it might end up being a bit too time consuming if the tinkering aspects gets to be a even bigger part of the game.
  3. Been playing almost a season with Darksideofthemoon.Knap42311MUP102 and Servette FC in the second best division in Switzerland - ready for promotion 9 games before the season ends And at the end of the season And going through Pre Season, this happend: Yup is surprised xD
  4. With a close read through post #1 it is possible to find both TIs and PIs - sadly havn't had the time to try it out yet, but interresting to see the libero role used, that dosn't happen too often
  5. Herne79 may be reffering to this line: Tactic will arrive soon.
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