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  1. Have you tried the 4132 because you can't **** that up. Tactic is just so good especially with the tweak.
  2. I beleave SI said the ai would learn and adapt to your style of play. That might be why.
  3. On the tactic screen, left top side you have a dropdown menu. there you can change to positive,control or something else.
  4. Do you maybe know wich database it was? and thanks for trying.
  5. I am uploading now. And the save is called "vitesse LT big DB". It crashes right after the save on exact the same moment every time.
  6. Now i think i updated everything possible. Please help me out here its the second long term save that is corrupted and its not really exciting me for fm20 in this way sadly.
  7. Hi there, Been playing fm for years now and i never encountered something as anoying as this. I already deleted my cashe and updated my gpu drives. Hope you guys can save my save. I am a week before the cl finale. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.16 15.04.13).dmp
  8. Knap i am running the long term save with your p09 all cups. I am using geniescout to scout players best suited for the role. But you say its okay just to scout for position cause that will make scouting a lot easier. and i must say 442 is really lovely to watch, great plays.
  9. GM guys, I am having the same issue. So i would love for you guys to have a look if i can save this save. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.05.10 22.32.55).dmp
  10. Knap, can you tell me some good ppm's to learn to youngsters to perfectly indoctrinate the tactic in the first 2 years in the academy 4231 wb if version btw.
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