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  1. Yeah I'm trying. Come in 1/8 1/4 (twice) and 1/2 finale. I was also thinking of offering my mediocre wonderkids to teams in my league as they don't seem to really scout wonderkids.
  2. Hi, Have you guys got any tips on how to increase my competition reputation? Playing in the Netherlands and want to increase the strength of the competition. But I notice the other clubs don't really buy talents. Any tips of tricks?
  3. Hi knap, has you or anyone tested the 4231? Might start a new safe as it is the most realistic tactic IMO
  4. Yeah that option to keep them updated is there. But still I get to many rubbish players. So I was wondering if it was possible to just scout from shortlist and nothing else.
  5. As the title says I'm wondering if it is possible to set the scouts in a way that they only scout from my shortlists
  6. So does anyone have an idea if the full release will be midnight? Going off to work in an hour and really want to get started on my long term save.
  7. I get it man. Don't think he does tho
  8. Your free to doubt me of course. I have paid for my genie scout so i have the beta and i can see the PA of the player.
  9. Around 180 PA so really great prospect.
  10. Cheating why? It's a single player game so who cares if you look. Play how you enjoy playing it. As your the one paying for it
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