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  1. You've said you made your own tactic? I always use the 2 weeks beta to find the tactic that works and I want to use for a long term save when the full game drops.
  2. Started a new save with the 442 98 goals tactic. Will report back later. Have never posted a picture here so shift S was screenshot if i remember correctly?
  3. Haha how high are youre expectations if 98 goals are not good enough???
  4. I've got my pc hooked up to my TV. With wireless keyboard and mouse I can just chill on the couch. Is that maybe an option
  5. Knap what is your best 3-5-2 pressing tactic I can try for my beta save?
  6. Was born on geitenkamp near the old stadium. Now I live near gelredome. You just as eager as me to get started with this team and tactic?
  7. Where are the gifs and banter? Stop being sour and enjoy this. The build up, the excitement. Work is a nice destraction
  8. All caught up again. Ready for another 8 hours of company time to waste on this tread. Good morning to all. Is this the day?
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