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  1. GM guys, I am having the same issue. So i would love for you guys to have a look if i can save this save. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.05.10 22.32.55).dmp
  2. Knap, can you tell me some good ppm's to learn to youngsters to perfectly indoctrinate the tactic in the first 2 years in the academy 4231 wb if version btw.
  3. Knap I am gonna start over on a new computer. What would you say is your best tactic. I am gonna start with vitesse arnhem. Thanks man for the great tactics. Using yours for years now
  4. Been rolling with this in my beta save for 6 games and won 5 out of 6 with vitesse arnhem. Best one was 4-0 against zenit at home, no familiarity so i'm looking forward to the rest of the season. Will post pictures later. Knap as always thumbs up and great work keep at it........please.
  5. When playing a save with vitesse i dont get the message to select the players for trainingcamp. Now they are all complaining that they missed it
  6. Will it be unlocked at midnight or just released at random tomorrow when its friday?
  7. I'm allright with tonight, gotta work till eleven tonight. Hopefully i can read its been dropped while working. The on the way home instruct the missis on how to download it, get home/take shower/get a drink and get emerged. Took a day off tomorrow so i can play all day and the rest of the weekend.
  8. Same here, fm18 i racked up 678 hours. I recon i will do around the same and hopefully if my relationship will allow it some more. All that time for 32 euro's.
  9. And that i have. Now all that is left is waiting and that's the hardest
  10. I just bought fm19 on voidu, just used ''bluewinter'' as voucher code and i payed 32,84 euro's total. Got my key instantly, you will see the key in the bottom of the web page it goes to after the payment. Now we got to wait around 9 more days for the beta right?
  11. Hi Knap, First of all great tactics man. Try so many different tactics every year and usually i come back to one of yours. But this year i am struggeling to find a good tactic for my home team. Would you maybe have a look? (vitesse Holland). I am currently running your darkside 4231 but i run in to so many red cards. I use the instant result button on the flut skin. Thanks a lot for your tactics man keep it up.
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