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  1. I thought so too, so I made sure to watch out for clean and clear wins. Many clear wins are counted as losses, if they are counted as taken faceoffs at all, and even some losses are not counted as taken faceoffs. I'm not talking about draws or scrambles here. I'd have more proof if the play-by-play section had any mentions of faceoffs, but of course it leaves out all the information except for goals, saves and penalties. But thanks for pointing that out anyway, and thanks for replying. edit: I will test this once more, putting the game to the slowest speed available, in case I'm missing some 0.02 second notifications about some clean-looking faceoffs being draws, although I don't believe this to be the case.
  2. EDIT: At first I thought this was about specifically non-natural centers and their faceoff stats displayed incorrectly, while watching the full game (no highlights, every minute of it) in 2D mode. It turns out it's messed up for pretty much anyone. I just played another match, and boy, the faceoff stats were all randomized and they had nothing to do with what actually happened in the game. I had one C/LW (natural center) take many faceoffs, which the game didn't count as faceoffs at all, and from those that the game recognized two of his faceoff wins were counted as losses. Another center (purely C) seemed to have his faceoff stats as they should, until the game stopped counting them. The player I originally thought suffering alone from this bug, had all his faceoffs marked as losses, even though he won many of them. One center had a faceoff loss and a win marked for him, even though I'm pretty sure he hadn't taken any faceoffs at that point in the game. In general, there were far more faceoffs in the game than what the stats counted (there had been over 10 faceoffs when the game only recognized 4), and those that were counted, were often marked incorrectly as losses or sometimes even wins. Sometimes there were stats about faceoffs that never happened. It's all just randomized for me, and does take me away from the game at the moment. Below is my original post, when I thought this problem only happened with a specific player. ---------------------------------- I just watched three (3) full matches (meaning: not just highlights or extended highlights) from my team in 2D view. I have a natural winger who's accomplished as a center, playing as a center in my top PP unit. I've watched him win many faceoffs, and the game either counts them as losses, or doesn't count them at all, as if the faceoffs never happened. This much is clear from the home/away stats screen. And yes, they are real faceoff wins, not just some scrambles where my players happen to get the puck eventually. It's happening all the time. The faceoff stats for my natural centers seem to be displayed properly (edit: not the case, everyone's faceoff stats are messed up). Could this be because the player in question isn't a natural center, or could that be because he's on a PP unit (although that wouldn't explain the faceoffs that are marked as losses)? I hope it's something simple and easy to fix, certainly seems like it on the surface. I tried to look at your FTP instructions in order to send you a save game, but it looks like you only have FM folders there anymore. I hope all the support for EHM isn't gone. OS: Windows 10 Rosters: TBL 16/17 9.6 (currently in december 2017, but I suspect date doesn't matter with this one) League: Liiga (Fin top league) Team: Tappara Player whose faceoff wins are counted as losses or not counted at all: Marcel Hascak (RW/C, Slovakian, not originally playing in Tappara). I haven't tried this with other natural wingers yet. Coach is responsible for tactics, I am responsible for team selection and lines. I am also responsible for practice, and I have altered the practice programs. 2D game view settings: zoom on, puck trace on, highlights all game, clock speed slow, game speed slow Score display: european, home team first (probably doesn't matter, at least I hope so)
  3. I posted this here since I don't think it's really a bug, more like something that's not implemented. I played EHM07 a lot, just got this game 2 days ago, and it does feel like it's merely a mod of 07 with many of the same restraints. I'm not saying it's bad, and I don't regret supporting a game like this, but this is my impression as of now. I don't remember if this was a thing in 07, it probably was, but I feel like it should be mentioned. U20 WJC is a tournament that matters, and those stats should be shown in player history. I can't see them, not even when I choose "international" or whatever I do. It's a lot more prestigious thing than showing up in some meaningless Euro Hockey Tournament. One of my players is currently playing in U20 WJC, and I can't see his tournament stats from his history section. It's the same for all players involved. Is this something that will be addressed? If it matters, I'm using the TBL 16/17 rosters I got from Steam.
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