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  1. You can indeed change a clubs finances with the in-game editor.
  2. Hi, Does the "community outreach" training option have any other effects? I've seen it mentioned that it might increase attendances; this would certainly make sense but has anyone observed this? I'm playing a lower league management game as Reading City, I've had two back to back promotions but I am struggling to pay the bills as attendances still average 200 whereas most clubs at the level i'm at have around 500. Any other tips to help manage finances at this level (tier 7) would be welcome. I know of the need to be a selling club and also use loans where possible. Thanks
  3. Really enjoying the thread. You'll be in Europe qualifiers in no time! Has any club gone professional yet? I have a 2018 save in Malta and I think Valetta went professional pretty quickly followed by Hibernians. What's the capacity of your stadium?
  4. Prize money changes with the reputation of the league through a save. e.g. when it more than doubled, the league reputation must have increased.
  5. I seem to remember it was a legal reason they had to remove it. I do miss it as it was a nice indication of long term success but not a lot they can do.
  6. I have a long term save in FM2018 playing as St George's in Malta. Up to 2030 now, won the cup a couple times but Valletta are unstoppable in the league (I'm also not the best at FM, I'm sure you could do much better much quicker). Usually finish 2nd or 3rd but currently 1st in the league, 4 points ahead of Valletta and 4 games left. Have to play Valletta next.
  7. Cool concept, love a bit of history. Also sounds like quite a challenge with all that debt. Good luck. Followed.
  8. Couldn't even get a goal against the footballing Giants that are Reading FC though 😎😎 (sorry not sorry)
  9. Congrats! Also, does this mean you might be playing your Europe games at a different stadium? Seeing as yours doesn't meet the minimum 1500 seated capacity. Might default to Hampden park!
  10. Great progress so far. Must have been stressful when you spotted that playoff bug. Smart idea with the shared facilities.
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