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  1. Sorry for the delay, I've uploaded the save to the FTP. It's simply saved as "Malta.fm". The save is a few years in now, the club has plenty of money and a good wage budget for it's size but I still can't offer any contracts.
  2. Blah_1123

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Strange that the season review seems to suggest you didn't win the league even though you did?
  3. Blah_1123

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Why does APOEL seem to not have a division?
  4. Blah_1123

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Just a shame about the height! 😬
  5. Blah_1123

    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    Don't be too disheartened, it's your first season in Serie A, you should be well at the other end of the table. It's still possible you'll get a Europa league place at the least but even if you don't, still a very solid season overall.
  6. Blah_1123

    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    You've officially broken the game 😐 but wow, well done! San Marino, global football powerhouse!
  7. Blah_1123

    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    5-1 loss to the faroe islands? 😐 Not surprised he was sacked.
  8. Are BMG and Espanyol playing together for the last match? In that case you would be through as only one team could overtake you, not both.
  9. Hi There, I'm playing with as St George's FC in Malta using a custom database, they're a semi- professional team but I can only offer non-contract terms for players. I noticed the AI can offer part-time contracts although usually only when their in the top division but I have seen some in the second division sign players on a contract. I searched the forums for some information and some people claim the club must be set to only offer non-contract terms but that's not the case here, or the league is set to that but other AI managers are offering contracts. I took the club up to the top division, survived the first season and have £100k in the bank and a £5k p/w wage budget which is not being used at all. Sometimes when i go to sign new players they say they're not interested because "St George's can not offer the contract type I want". So is this a bug? Is it just my board not letting me offer contracts because they think the club isn't ready? I can bring in loan players who are contracted. I've attached a couple of screenshots from the editor showing the club and league contract types. Note that I have tried offering every squad status including rotation but none of them allow me to offer part-time contracts. I just don't get why the AI can do this but I can't seem to. Considering adding a manager to a club that has offered contracts to see if I can do it then.
  10. Blah_1123

    [FM18] San Marino Challenge

    What a spike! Never seen season tickets increase so quickly. Though can't say it's particularly surprising. What are your finances like now? Having had mostly loan players and from all the tv money are you not absolutely minted? Keep up the good work, thoroughly enjoying this.
  11. Blah_1123

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Eastleigh and Abingdon aren't in London! Still in the south but definitely not in London.
  12. Blah_1123


    You formed an affiliation with St Andrews but they're getting promoted to the premier league? Short lived affiliation? 😂
  13. Blah_1123

    Must haves when playing FM

    Music. I'm convinced the game makes me lose when I don't have music playing 😂 just always seems to happen! Personally can't stand the in-game sounds anyway so I mute them. A cold beer is also a plus, though too many beers also makes me lose 😰 though I think I can work that one out.
  14. Blah_1123


    It sounds like the same situation as mine with the stadiums. Almost all cup fixtures are played in Gozo. I play my home league games in Luxol even though St George's play in the centenary stadium irl which does exist in game but is left unused. Also having problems with only being able to offer non-contracts terms 😑 will post a thread about it.
  15. Blah_1123

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    I had a Reading save where that happened 😂 I know not quite the same as bringing a club from the lowest reaches of English football up 😯