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  1. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Ouch, tough result to take. I'm sure you'll be in the group stages again before too long though.
  2. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Would have expected a much bigger jump in league ranking. Strange, maybe I'm misunderstanding how it's worked out?
  3. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Amazing, I always really enjoy your careers. Your club and league reputation is going to sky rocket, as well as European coefficients. Good work.
  4. I'm interested in people's opinions on this as well. I tend to train my players for their specific role because I don't change my tactics too drastically often. I think in your case it might actually be better to do a generic training? I say that because it's my understanding (though I could be wrong) that once players peak, they can still knprove attributes, but only when another attribute is sacrificed. If you train your CM as a playmaker, their passing might increase but it might decrease their tackling for instance and make them a less effective BWM. What I've said might be wrong though...
  5. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    League reputation of 7.5*? 😂 Amazing, incredible jump up 😝. But seriously, really enjoying this thread, good work.
  6. Save Scumming ?

    Get good?
  7. Digging a small club out of debt.

    Interesting, I didn't realise that. Do you just get an x% cut of gate receipts in any cup match? I didn't think you got much money from away games.
  8. An Englishman in Sweden - My first career update.

    I'll be following this. I'm currently playing in Sweden in the lower leagues and struggling somewhat, just been fired actually. I also happen to be from Berkshire 😝 Reading 😊
  9. Amazing work, good job. I set up that Luxembourg game I mentioned, using claassen's database off the steam workshop, but I'm a bit confused. When you start a save like this one, do you have to tick the box on setup which generates players to make sure every club can actually field a full team? Sorry to be a pain, I want to know how to set it up properly 😂
  10. That was my thought, I was even thinking of loading the German, French, Belgian and maybe even Dutch leagues alongside. But maybe it would be a bad idea actually, I can see it being difficult to develop the Luxembourg national team if all the best players have a second nationality they want to play for.
  11. Wow, really enjoying following this. Great work in Montenegro, hope your success in Europe continues! Must be frustrating having all that money but not being able to spend it, what sort of transfer budgets does your board give you? Also, with your average attendances growing each year and all that cash in the bank, do you think your board will build a new stadium soon, have you requested one at all? I've been thinking of starting a similar save, probably in Luxembourg. Never done youth only so might let myself take a couple players on trial each season or something to make it a little easier.
  12. I actually think this thread shows what's great about FM. It's not simple, many questions have many answers or no answer at all. Just like in real life it's about experimenting with different set ups and tactics and different players in different positions. It'd be a dull game if I know I could buy a player with high crossing and without doubt he'd find a player on the end each and every time he crossed it in. I like how fluid the game is, you might have the best team in the world and a great tactic but that doesn't mean your team will undoubtedly win every single match. That would be boring and unrealistic. (Okay I know some FM players out there can manage that but you get my point). It's also showed with how the assistant manager might give you advice you don't agree with. On my Doncaster save I just signed a left full back, but looking at his stats I play him a bit further forward as a wing back which he is supposedly uncomfortable with and my assistant always tells me to play him in a more familiar position but he actually puts in good performances as a wing back. It's not all black and white.
  13. Mine has to be my 2015 save with Reading, my home team. Got promoted first season to the premier league, thank god as another season in the championship would have made me bankrupt. Narrowly survived and gradually built up an amazing, young squad. Had some world class players come through my academy including Dayle Baxter. Reading born central defender who became a first team regular in his first full season with me, key player the next and was my captain by his low 20's. He went on to become England captain and one of if not the most capped England player. I still have the save, look at it occasionally but don't play it anymore. It's the late 2030's I believe. Baxter is coming to the end of his career having retired from international football a couple years ago and is mostly seen on the bench for my Reading side now. Tempted to carry it on and see if he'll make a world class coach or manager. I had other amazing talent come through my youth teams including Terry Grant (a late bloomer who I nearly sold for cheap until he suddenly started performing at his mid 20's). Grant was primarily an AMC but could also provide backup on the wings. I also had Roy Kennedy who was a word class AMR winger. Believe he may have won the ballon d'Or or come runner up. These 3 amazing players helped take my Reading team to champions league glory. All spent most their years at Reading. Think I might have let Kennedy go when he got old and slow and well past his prime. Grant I think plays from the bench, can't remember, haven't played the save in ages. But yeah, basically the combination of taking my home team to champions league wins and producing world class talent that went on to be key players in the England national team made that a very memorable save. Oh and Reading play in the 65,000 seater Robin Friday Arena. Robin Friday is well remembered for being violent, a drug addict and taking a dump in another players bag after being sent off. So a good player to name a stadium after 😂
  14. Hey, just caught up on this story over the last couple days I had a save in 2015 where I think I started at Peterborough then went to Vitesse then Hamburg. I remember Bayern being a pain, I'm not sure but I think I remember they did eventually and suddenly decline. I'll have to find the save, I still have it somewhere. You seem much more clued up on tactics and youth development than me so I'm sure you'll topple them soon 😁
  15. In my Doncaster save I had Jake Cooper on loan for about 4 seasons before buying him 😂 I assume Oxford, Mutch and Grabban are much better in FM than in real life if you're worried about losing them. 🙄