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  1. I've always wondered if mentoring helped with this but I don't have an answer.
  2. Most people say long ball/counter attacking is the only tactic that works in lower leagues but from my experience this is far from true. Lower league players are rubbish at converting chances so they need to create a lot in order to do so, I find controlling possession and just playing the opposition out of the game works very well. Short slow passing with a few players set to roles that will suddenly burst into the box, think IF-A CM-A sort of roles. Worked very well for me.
  3. 1. Sometimes if a stadium is particularly old and/or in bad condition sections of it will be deemed unsafe and closed. You should get a notification of this. 2. The 25 year wait (I believe it's 20 but I've heard both) only applies to building new stadiums not expansions. Expansions can happen as often as needed as long as the expansion capacity has not been met.
  4. Depends on the tactics you use. I think you'd be better off training him as an inside forward rather than a defensive wringer. He has poor tackling, positioning and strength but good pace, is right footed and good shooting. What tactics/formation do you use?
  5. This has really got me thinking about my tactic. I play a 4-3-3 DM wide with a inside forward (A) on the left, Winger (S) on the right and Pressing Forward (S) in the middle. Also use a wingback (S) and fullback (S) on the left and right respectively. My tactic works pretty well but I often struggle against weaker teams who just park the bus. Sometimes I try playing wider and sometimes it works. Now in thinking actually of getting my team to play narrower but tell my wingback and fullback to stay wide. Hopefully be able to overload an area of the box and my full/wingbacks will either have plen
  6. It's a common thing. On FM2015 I had Reading play at Charlton's ground whilst the Madejski was expanded then later in the save I had a new stadium built then expanded and I played at Wembley for a season.
  7. There's a few teams in the Swedish leagues who are formed by refugees from Iraq and Syria. Can't remember all of them but the names stand out pretty well. Think one is called Syrianska FC.
  8. I have a fair bit in my budget, finances described as "okay" and I've had the option to improve youth recruitment (which my board agreed to). Doesn't seem to make sense that I can't also do junior coaching or even request it. It's definitely not maxed out.
  9. Long time player of the game here. I'm playing as Stockholm Internazionale and have gotten them from the fourth tier to the Swedish premier. I like focusing on youth in my saves and as Sweden requires at least 9 homegrown players in the squad it's quite important this time. However, I don't have the option to request extra funding for my junior coaching. I recall ever not being able to request it. Is this a known bug? Is there any workaround not requiring the editor?
  10. Playing in Sweden and only this season have I started to get them. I also turned professional this season so I assume they're linked. If you're semi pro or amateur I think you won't get them.
  11. Based off how some players react, I strongly disagree 😂
  12. I am also currently playing in the Swedish leagues and having tons of fun. I started in the 4th tier with Stockholm Internazionale. Strange cup format with a group stage in the middle. Not much money down there so you're on a bit of a timer to get to the second tier unless you draw a big team in the cup.
  13. Yeah I've seen this before also. It would make sense if the player was being used in a different role but that's not usually the case.
  14. Thank you, very helpful! So from what you've said and from the link you've sent, I figure I shouldn't have my Mezzala on the same side as my inside forward? Perhaps it would be more suitable on the right hand side where I have a winger?
  15. I have some difficulty understanding the Mezzala role. Especially comparing it to the carrilero as both roles operate quite wide as I understand it? How do they compare to a box to box also? I use a Mezzala in the MCL position on support duty and an inside forward on attack in the AML position. I've seen people say this is a bad idea as they operate in similar space and that is a good idea as they combine well. Does anyone have a good explanation of the Mezzala and what other roles it pairs well with? What systems it's most effective in. I'm looking at using the Mezzala in two systems, a
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