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  1. Blah_1123

    [FM18] Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

    Cool concept, love a bit of history. Also sounds like quite a challenge with all that debt. Good luck. Followed.
  2. Couldn't even get a goal against the footballing Giants that are Reading FC though 😎😎 (sorry not sorry)
  3. I'm confused as to how this was the case?
  4. Seems a decent one too! Would beg for that in my Malta save.
  5. Is Holly-Tully going into coaching or anything or fully retiring?
  6. Congrats! Also, does this mean you might be playing your Europe games at a different stadium? Seeing as yours doesn't meet the minimum 1500 seated capacity. Might default to Hampden park!
  7. Great progress so far. Must have been stressful when you spotted that playoff bug. Smart idea with the shared facilities.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Hope everything's okay.
  9. I wonder if @Neil Brock would be able to shed some light on this.
  10. As the title says. My youth team just won the U21 Cup and it got me thinking, does this benefit me in anyway or is it just a thing that exists? Does winning youth competitions increase mental stats? Player reputation? Club reputation?
  11. Who won the FA cup? I saw my home team, Reading, doing well but I assume one of the big clubs won it?
  12. Blah_1123

    Ground capacity issue

    Are you definitely playing at home?
  13. Blah_1123

    Help with San Marino Calcio

    I know some people holiday for a season and they often get promoted. Save before you do it and that way if they don't get promoted you can try again. Then add a new manager to take charge of Calcio.