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  1. I'm on windows 10 and the game won't launch since i updated to 17.3.2. Steam notes that it is running for a couple of seconds before it isn't anymore and the game doesn't start
  2. yes, i understand that. But many addons and mods for the game don't work if it's running a beta. So either the game needs to be updated to come out of beta (someone on steam mentioned there were no further updates planned which is worrying), or i need to be able to open my save in the previous version of the game. (sorry if i sound entitled btw. it's just that to most people addons and mods are an essential part of the game)
  3. just created a new save to test with. i created it when using the current build (the public beta). then i opted out, and cannot open the save. but if i then opt into the beta again it will open (the same happens with the save im playing). When you say backup save, do you mean one of the rolling autosave files? becasue those don't work either. Much older versions of the save from before the update do work. hopefully that made sense
  4. i had opted into the current beta. I want to opt out of it, but if i do (using the steam options) the save game no longer loads. i had assumed this was because it uses an updated game, but apparently this is not normal
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