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  1. Ooooh don't get me started. Three letters sum up my reason for not buying FM09, and they are DRM.
  2. As I have said many, many times before the entire Unibond, BGB and Ryman Leagues please as well as maybe the first tier of Scottish non-league football (Deveronvale, Wick Academy et al).
  3. This is where it all started for me. Bought the game after much umming and arring from Software Plus just before Christmas '93. At the time I was into the more graphical Premier Manager series, but read a review in Amiga Format and decided to get it. I won't say I was instantly hooked because I wasn't, I absolutely detested the game, I thought it was awful and so lent it to my mate to have a go at, and he loved it, he struggled at first but soon mastered it, he gave me a masterclass and I took those tips away and began playing it again and over time began to get hooked on the game. Then over the following years I purchased the two add-on packs (CM94 and EoS update) which I bought from a small independent store in Basildon, enjoyed both of these although found the EoS update a little disappointing as it was impossible to buy foreign players. If I had never had read that review by chance in that Amiga Format magazine, I wonder how long it would have taken me to pick up on games like CM2 and CM97/98? Great days.
  4. fwiw here's my view:- English lower levels (Unibond, Ryman & BGB Southern all divisions) Welsh Second Division (level below the Premier) Scottish Highland, East of Scotland and South of Scotland Leagues Add the rest of the missing European & South American Leagues (Paraguay, Bosnia & Faroes etc) Nigeria Cameroon Egypt Algeria Ghana Morocco Saudi Arabia Japan (If SI can get the license back!) Thailand UAE New Zealand (As there are currently no leagues for Oceania) I can fully understand that research may be difficult for some of the lower leagues but then most people sell those players on any way so maybe fill the lower league sides with regens and randomized players.
  5. I know there are some research problems with them but I would like to see the Ryman, Unibond and Southern Leagues added, unlikely it'll ever happen though. But some new leagues would be nice.
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