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  1. feedthegoat

    Tescos at midnight...my ass!

    My local Tesco as well, the shop is a bloody shambles. Funnily enough went down there this morning to get my copy (dunno why as my games PC isn't working and needs repairing!), and the shop was in the middle of being evacuated Me thinks it could be angry FM fans! I know last year when FM09 came out it took that particular store ages to even stock the game. They very rarely have any new releases out on a Friday, I have complained countless number of times to the numpty who runs the show down there but it seems that nobody listens. I did actually work in that particular Tesco store in the entertainments section, I only lasted less than a week because the woman who was working on there was a misery, remember it was when a major cd release came out I said to her "Better make sure we get this out today as people are going to want it." she replied "No not yet as if we put it out now, we'll have to keep stocking it up, let the night shift do it, and if anybody asks if it's out yet say we've not recieved it yet." I ended up having a barney with her because her attitude was abysmal, but then that is the attitude of most of the people who work in that particular store.
  2. Found it cheers! Demo up and running now!
  3. Same problem here. Downloaded the demo to transfer to my gaming PC which isn't connected to the internet to be greeted by this message, can anyone from SI help, as the link given by Donald-Duck is a direct web update and obviously cannot do that if the PC in question has no internet connection.
  4. As a spin off from the David Cameron thread. As the thread title says really.
  5. feedthegoat

    Name that song request no. 1188330225

    Helena Christensen iirc. EDIT:- Doh! didn't see bell's reply!
  6. feedthegoat

    David Cameron

    Firstly I am a staunch socialist so there is literally nothing in the world that would make me vote for David Cameron, he is a complete and utter ****, and also wouldn't want another Tory government in power either and so am likely to vote Labour at the next election, unfortunately the constituency I live in is primarily Tory, so it's unlikely that Labour will get in my constituency anyway, although having said that John Baron, our MP, has done a reasonable job. What the Tories did under the Thatcher regime was unforgivable, high unemployment, privatisation of national companies (BT, British Rail etc.), the closure of the mines all over the country and not forgetting the long waiting lists for operations. I seriously do worry if the Tories get into power, at the age of 33 I have been unemployed for the last 3 years through a mixture of being on incapacity benefit and being on the dole, I fear it may take even longer for me to get a job, especially if the incapacity benefits system gets a shake up and millions more are put onto the dole as figures are predicted to hit 5million. During the Thatcher years my dad got made redundant in 1981 and he never worked again as he couldn't get a job, and everywhere he went they turned him down as he was either too old or didn't have the right experience, then in 1988 he was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder and had to wait ages for an appointment to have the cancer removed, luckily it wasn't life threatening as I dread to think what would have happened. I would urge everyone to get out and vote in the election next and vote Labour for your own good, ok Gordon Brown hasn't exactly done a great job, but it wasn't all his fault that the economy collapsed, blame the Tory voting bankers for doing that. Just thought I'd correct that for you
  7. My nephew was over the other day and asked if he could watch cartoons, "I said yeah put what you want on.", and so he put Spongebob Squarepants on, absolutely love it! Think it's one of those sort of cartoons that appeals to both kids and adults. Seriously thinking about buying some of the boxsets.
  8. feedthegoat

    Anyone else sick of hearing about f****** Jordan?

    Can't stand Jordan, she absolutely does my head pleading the "Look at me I'm innocent" card, the woman is an absolute car crash of a human being, and while media outlets keep pandering to her and showing her programmes on the TV and printing her story she'll continue to lap it up, as someone previously said if people stopped buying the publications and watching the programmes that feature her then maybe they'd get the hint. As for Ian Wright, who told him he'd make a good TV personality, he is one fella who gets right up my nose.
  9. feedthegoat

    Lynyrd Skynyrd releasing new material.

    Also recommend from the same album.
  10. Obviously not the original member as most of them were wiped out in a plane crash back in the seventies but the brother of Ronnie van Zant the original vocalist of the band has reformed the band with some new members and are releasing a new album on Monday entitled God & Guns, just heard the first single Still Unbroken and love it! Will definitely buy the album if that song is to go by. Also wrestling fans may recognise the song as it was used in one of the recent WWE shows and will also feature in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.
  11. feedthegoat

    Championship Manager 2010

    I wonder how much Eidos had to pay the reviewers to give CM the high scores at the end of this review.
  12. feedthegoat

    How come poor people always seem happy?

    I'm poor, and last thing I can say is that I'm happy. I've got bugger all money in the bank, I'm unemployed, single and at the age of 33 still living with my parents because I can't afford to move out, would you be happy?
  13. feedthegoat

    Muse - The Resistance

    Got this album on Monday after seeing their set on Later...with Jools Holland and have to say the album is absolutely fantastic, absolutely loving Uprising, such a fantastic song, also loving Guiding Light and the Exogenesis Symphony at the end. Also bought Black Holes and Revelations in the HMV sale as part of a 2 for £10 offer. Got most of the albums, yet to purchase Hullabaloo and Absolution.
  14. feedthegoat

    Are you proud of where you come from?

    Another Basildonian
  15. feedthegoat

    When is the demo released???

    Normally two weeks before the game is released, so I'd guess around mid-October.