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  1. Tescos at midnight...my ass!

    My local Tesco as well, the shop is a bloody shambles. Funnily enough went down there this morning to get my copy (dunno why as my games PC isn't working and needs repairing!), and the shop was in the middle of being evacuated Me thinks it could be angry FM fans! I know last year when FM09 came out it took that particular store ages to even stock the game. They very rarely have any new releases out on a Friday, I have complained countless number of times to the numpty who runs the show down there but it seems that nobody listens. I did actually work in that particular Tesco store in the entertainments section, I only lasted less than a week because the woman who was working on there was a misery, remember it was when a major cd release came out I said to her "Better make sure we get this out today as people are going to want it." she replied "No not yet as if we put it out now, we'll have to keep stocking it up, let the night shift do it, and if anybody asks if it's out yet say we've not recieved it yet." I ended up having a barney with her because her attitude was abysmal, but then that is the attitude of most of the people who work in that particular store.
  2. Found it cheers! Demo up and running now!
  3. Same problem here. Downloaded the demo to transfer to my gaming PC which isn't connected to the internet to be greeted by this message, can anyone from SI help, as the link given by Donald-Duck is a direct web update and obviously cannot do that if the PC in question has no internet connection.
  4. When is the demo released???

    Normally two weeks before the game is released, so I'd guess around mid-October.
  5. If I remember correctly in the editor for FM09 you can decide what team goes where when they get to a certain level, i.e. if Torquay ever got relegated from the Conference then they'd go BSS, and if Carlisle got relegated they'd go BSN, then there are those that could go either way like say Peterborough who could probably go in either, unfortunately it would probably be a fair amount of work to do to do this, however if as someone else has already mentioned the game looks at the co-ordinates then surely it can decide for itself. I have however seen some very interesting mixes like Braintree and Hayes & Yeading in the BSN, so it will need to be monitored.
  6. Best Data Update for Fm2009

    No sorry I meant here, the Official Sortitoutsi update located in the Editors forum like I said .
  7. Saved Games?

    Unfortunately no. Games are not transferrable between different versions of FM.
  8. Best Data Update for Fm2009

    First off wrong forum, go over to the editors forum (this may be re-directed anyway) and look for Official Sortitoutsi.net update. Pretty good on all accounts.
  9. First Save In FM 2010?

    On the demo, I'll probably go Man Utd, just to get a feel for the game, however when the game comes out, and if I buy it on release day, if there is a download which will add all the English feeder leagues, then I'll more than likely go with someone in the Ryman League North, maybe someone like Concord Rangers or Great Wakering Rovers.
  10. I would bet by this time next year near enough every league in the world will be playable in some form.
  11. I don't think Murray has featured much this year (can't really say as I haven't been to see them this season), but do look out for Danny Hockton, Rob Edmans and yep they still have Ricky Holmes, as well as ex-Daggers players Dave Rainford and Anthony Cook they have also signed ex-Chester and Watford midfielder Jamie Hand and ex-Stevenage and Grays midfielder John Martin, they have also re-signed Micky Haswell and added a new goalkeeper in the shape of Craig Holloway, probably explains why City haven't started so well, the team have yet to gel properly. Up the City Wheel 'em in!
  12. Had a terrible start in all honesty, City started the season as favourites, but are struggling against teams they should really be beating. Had a fantastic result against Woking and then lose against Eastleigh, not good enough, whole squad needs shaking up IMO. I'm not really an avid fan, but my dad is/was, he's the one who really got me into following them from a little lad. Anyway this isn't the place to be talking about NL football, so I'll stop .
  13. Follow Chelmsford City, luckily they are now in the game, but I do follow the Ryman League closely as there are a lot of local sides in the Premier (Billericay, Canvey, Aveley)
  14. There are quite a few different variables you can give a player, unfortunately they come as a slider and this a subject of some debate on these forums, as it can be a case of getting the slider just in the right place for a player to play to his potential, this can be a little tedious. As for research on other teams tactics, providing you have a scout set to research the oppoisition before you play them, then you will be given a detailed report of how they play what tactics they use, their current form, and any dangermen, however I just tend to stick to my own tactic and let them worry about me! EDIT:- Completely agree tbh.
  15. The Unibond Premier and many other leagues can be added using the new competitions editor.