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  1. 1. no no one loaned him out, genius. this is october and the transfer window is closed. 2.NO that team isnt a feeder team... never even heard of the team. he played for their U21 team for one game in october
  2. is I signed Moro for Newcastle and he was almost ever present since. then suddenly i had a free weekend and i wasnt playing in europe... not sure why then my guy played for the U22 of some unknown crappy team and now cant play for me again for the rest of the season WHAT THE ****? SI prolly says they dont care but really shame on you guys I WANT A REFUND DISGUSTED
  3. no i dont. the game finished and i can see the scores for other games that happened at the same time except my game... had to continue past the day before i can finally get my randomised result
  4. i agree... this game is beyond terrible. Seriously you cant just say that "SI is only the developers" and we will have to speak with our suppliers. you provided this garbage to suppliers whom we bought the game from. YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GAME even if you guys show no care whatsoever. This feels like a cheat. Shame on you really
  5. Hi all SO i coach two teams. often if they play together at the same time slot, the result of the first game would be erased... and replaced by random results which really annoyed me Can you please fix it URGENTLY? It's really making the whole experience a bit ****
  6. Hi all Is it only me or is there a bug in the outgoing transfer tabs? i often set a non-negotiated transfer to offer unwanted players out but i keep receiving offers well below my demands. the same goes with when i remove the clause of paying part of their wages... can SI fix that? also i dun want to restart a new save
  7. I noticed a lot of my players have downward arrows in a lot of their attributes, even for young players... i have so far delegated training to my staff what should i do?
  8. Hi I am coaching Brentford second season... january window now... want to sign one or two decent central midfielders and one or two strikers to play in 442 diamond style any recommendations? thanks
  9. how can mitigate the lack of pace of my centre backs? put one on cover role?
  10. lost 4-2. how can i stop lobs from halfway line? its all too easy. my defenders were caught time and again
  11. Thanks. I tweaked the line a bit. FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-S BWM-D DLP-S IF-A AP-S IF-A / W-A CF-A/AF-A played just one game. dominated possessions away from home 70-30 but couldnt really create too many chances. Also, i noticed that i let the opponents have too many shooting chances when playing with less closing down and slow build up. 9 (4) vs 10 (4)
  12. depends on how you wanna play but a new left back for me. There are so many good LBs in the game. btw where is Rasford? :O
  13. hi thanks for all your replies. What if I change one of the IF-A to AP-S? and in doing so, also change the corresponding FB as WB-A? Will that bring more balance?
  14. Thank you Cleon for your quick reply. Then there's a main problem: my team doesn't really have a "playmaker" and I have no money to really sign one. I have a few strikers (target man) who could (maybe) fill in the AMC role. Hence, thats why I wanted to use one of them as a shadow striker. The reason why I went for two defensive minded players is because of the two attacking wingbacks. I wanted the midfield to offer some cover. I have a bunch of MC/DMCs I can use so I can change their duties to suit the front 3/4. the reason why i switched to 4-2-3-1 is because the team was rather bland playing 4-1-2-2-1 and i tried using a shadow striker in half a friendly game. the team played better so I wanted to see how I can develop a tactic around it In your mind, do you think that would work?
  15. I am trying to develop a 4-2-3-1 for my team. As my team has no playmakers or attacking midfielders, I am trying to fit in one of my striker as a SS or Trequistita role. In doing so, I want him to complement my lone striker. Not sure what role I will/should him. any suggestions the team set-up i have in mind is WB-S CD-D CD-D WB-S BWM-D CM-D IF-A ??????? IF-A ????? I want my team to have a slow build and patient with ball but look for quick breaks if presented with the opportunities. Any suggestions will be helpful
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