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  1. i am coming to the end of first season. I am wondering if i should sign a new contract. Will inter get a lot of funding to spend? If not, I will go find a big spender who would take me in
  2. How does Director of football work?

    is your DoF Ragnick by any chance? He keeps trying to sell my best youth stars under my nose, least to all, to the Guadiola!
  3. Hi I am trying to make the game ever more realistic by trying to use a DoF to sign players for me? But how does he work? I tried to add a player as Transfer target. the next day he made a ridiculous offer that got rejected and then i was told "transfer failure"... is that it?
  4. Potential ability

    btw can hidden attributes increase?
  5. Potential ability

    half a season lol
  6. Potential ability

    I am playing FM on Mac. I have a question regarding the potential ability. Is it going to change? I used the scout to monitor my youth players. I think the P.A decreases overtime? Also, some youth players, despite given plenty of chances to play in the first team and scoring a bit, the CA remains the same. Can someone please explain how they work Thank you
  7. FM faces

    How can I get faces for my FM? Do i need to download it or something?