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  1. I don't know this specificity, and I don't find it in the Premier League rules. There is a lot of chance that the club extand the player contract Thank you !
  2. Hi every one, I'm playing FM 19 and the Brexit has been applied. I'm currently in january 2025 and coaching Manchester United. For the first time since I'm coaching MU, I want to get a free agent (for example Phil Foden, playing for Manchester City) at the end of his contract but I can't purpose contract to him (whereas his contract end of 30 june 2025). But I can purpose contract to Casemiro (Real Madrid), for example. I attached screens (french language ) to show you this behavior. Do you know why I can't purpose contract to players playing for English club ? Thank you.
  3. Hello, With your solution, the game was correctly lunched ! And when I maximised the window, it's working find (I don't try to play a game but I think it will be OK). Have you got any idea why there is this problem ? Thank you very much !
  4. Hello, I bought FM17 in Steam. I installed it on 2 Windows PC. In the first one, there any problem. But in the second one (which is more powered), when I lunch the game, my screen is flashing like : "screen, black, screen, black....", very very speed, and I can't do anything. I'me tried differents action to resolve my problem but it's not working... My PC configuration : - Windows 7 Profesionnal - Dell Precision 5510 - Intel Core i7 2.7GHz - 16 Go RAM - 64 bits - Nvidia Quadro M1000M - DirectX 11.0 Have you got any solution ? Thank you very much.
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