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  1. FM12 - 2523 hours FM13 - 226 hours FM14 - 204 hours To be fair, the past two years where my Uni work has increased ten fold doesn't help FM13 and 14's cause but I didn't enjoy 13 (neither did my old laptop) and 14 is too easy (two save games, finished 2nd with Stoke both times in the first season).
  2. As helpful as ever. And no wonder these threads descend into petty arguments when you're needlessly and deliberately provoking people with your arrogant attitude.
  3. As much as I'd love some more variance with the stadia, especially that's accurate, there's far more pressing matters to deal with first.
  4. I do the exact same thing in the first half, then hover over "Tactics" in the second half until I've made my subs before returning to the "you will always win" spot. Always done it since FM05, strange.
  5. I'm still frustratingly wasting hours upon hours attempting to understand the ME by myself but it really isn't helped at times by over the top heavy touches in dangerous positions by any one of my back four, Keystone Cops type corner scrambles and my Full Backs either not sticking a foot in or flying into a player and giving away a penalty. Cheers for cheering me up though jc1, "the all knowing pain in the arse would be moderator you wise you were" gave me a chuckle!
  6. As helpful as ever! You can't judge anyone after not being able to gain promotion from the lowest level that FM14 has to offer in 47 attempts. You aren't in any position to judge anyone who plays this game.
  7. I'm busy getting some last minute pre-Christmas work done and then away for the weekend so I'll do my best to remember to get some screenshots on Sunday evening. It's a really strange once because I've never experienced it before on any FM game I've played. I'm playing Windowed, not Full Screen, if that helps right now.
  8. Everything's been covered by others on here, too many own goals, too many penalties, too many injuries, strange goalkeeping, full backs decision making still awful (either flying into a tackle in the box or not bothering to put a foot in and allowing a winger to travel thirty yards down the wing), AI transfer offers still a joke and small irritating GUI bugs such as information like player names in goalscoring charts not appearing until I put the cursor over them. On the plus side, I'm playing some delicious football at times, the font above the players is quite nice, through balls and finishing are improved, different types of goals instead of lob, lob, lob, lob and players aren't making obscene demands. On the whole though, it's a shambles. We're coming up to the end of 2013 and the game has barely improved since the Beta. This will be the last time I pre-order, may as well wait until the game is enjoyable, like a game should be, until parting with my money. Shame really.
  9. It's very iffy, been using it with Stoke. One of the main problems is how easily you give possession away but that's more than likely down to having the instruction "Go Route One", the majority of the misplaced passes are long balls. Set-pieces are setup really well, scored a few and rarely conceded from them. The majority of my wins have been very even games that could've swung either way, proper 1-0/2-1 kind of stuff, never dominated a team, finished 11th in the end which isn't bad but I've managed 2nd with Stoke in the first season on the 14.1.2 version and only signed Harry McGuire, Eric Dier and Kim Kallstrom.
  10. Would it possible for it to say that in the news item then like it does IRL? "PSV have accepted an offer of £12.75m, raising to a potential £x (used x as it could be anything), from Atletico for Oskar Hiljemark". Would save a lot of confusion IMO.
  11. 10.3/12 >>>>>>>>>> 14 >>>>>>>>>> 13 The enjoyment I got out of 10.3 and 12 was just phenomenal. 14, if the ME gets fixed, could be just as enjoyable but 13 was one hell of a mess and I hated every second playing that game. In fact, it just no longer felt like a game, it felt like I'd come home from Uni and gone straight to a Part-Time job for the night, it was just soul sappingly boring and required far too much time to micro-manage. All FM, for me personally (emphasis on the "me personally" as some won't agree due to what they "personally" prefer), had to do was sort out the AI transfers where teams would become average, thus nackering a long term save, fix the corner exploit and improve the animations and they would've had the perfect game for me.
  12. Rename the "graphics" folder AFTER you've got the Dark Skin up and running just to be sure.
  13. Read the first part, that's how I and a few others have got around the freezing. If you've done that then I have no idea unfortunately, sorry fella.
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