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  1. I've just finished my first season of a long term save with this club. I avoided relegation finished 18th. The Board want a top half finish next season and then promotion the following season. I have zero transfer budget and the wage budget has been cut by a third. I have a 16 player first team squad of which 10 are teenagers. The 500K a month loan repayments kill the finances. I see Bolton threads where thay are sailing into the Premier League within three seasons. How is that possible? Im trying to get it. I really didn't think I was that bad at FM
  2. I have to admit used to be a serial rage quitter when I have 16 shots on target and my opponent has 1 and I lose 1-0 But with FM20 I am reformed. If that happens to me I will save the game, quit and come back the next day when I have calmed down. I just don't believe all the stories about getting National League sides into winning the Champions League in 6 seasons unless they are serial rage quitters. Play the game how you want to, I get that but we all know that is impossible without multiple rage quitting
  3. Well you can't on Motorsport Manager. What if that was applied to FM? Would we still get all these stories about getting Canvey Island to the Premier League or York City in Europe or even Norwich winning the World Club Championship? Would it make the game better if it was more realistic?
  4. I am trying to sign a player from an Irish club. He's only valued at £1.2k and is on a month to month contract at £525 a week. When I offer him a contract it says I will have to pay £375k in compensation even though the Scout report says £0 compensation. I tried offering the club his £1.2k value but they want a £250k transfer fee. Since I am in the first season with Bolton I don't have those resources. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks
  5. Because I think it's just the start that's why. It's the thin of the wedge. Soon we will have choosiing your kit manufacturer, naming your Stand after a major Corporation. I would prefer SSI concentrated on making the game better rather than putting resources into how to make more money out of it
  6. Sorry I don't understand the relevance of that question. The bidstack adboards are new to this version but it's the small end of a large wedge where the game came can dynacially show ads based on what you do... it's entirely different to showing hard coded ads in the game that advertisers have paid for the space as we had in the past
  7. I am hardly going off in a rager fgs I object to advertising being introduced into FM via the back door and the recent update which did nothing more than to say we all agree to that did exactly that. Okay so a lot of people say they don't even notice it now so they're not bothered. Come back to this thread in a few years and you will understand my concerns. The oh it's okay they they need to make money theme just doesn't work for me. Make the game better instead of putting resources into how to monetise it and far more people will buy it every year instead of every 2/3 years. Apparently it is okay on this forum to ridicule me for this post according to one of the mods. Go ahead then. I'm enjoying FM18 just wanted to post my opinion and I don't think I have to be ridiculed for doing that unless you want only FM fanboys to post on here?
  8. The usual wannabe mods jumping on anything that is slightly critical. Don't you just love this forum. How the mods let people like you simply try to ridicule every poster that you disagree with is disgraceful. You should comment on the contents of a post and not the person posting it. Personally I think the notion that FM19 is going to be less expensive because it has ads in it is fanciful nonsense but if you guys want to believe that then that's your choice.
  9. Ahhh okay. So FM19 won't be a full price game then because advertisers are chipping in a (substantial) contibution so it means we pay less for the product, Thanks for clarifying. What was I thinking?
  10. Let me explain a bit better looking at your picture... If you put a Euro on Quertaro you would get back 2 euros (plus your 1 euro stake). But if you put a Euro on the other two you would get back 3.20 (plus your 1 Euro stake) So clearly the bookies think Quertaro are going to win so they are the favourites and if you bet on them you will win less. Hope that explains better
  11. It's not rocket science. If ur using decimal odds then the lower number is that favourite. If using fractional then you have to divide the first number by the second but most ppl can see that 1/2 is the favourite over 2/1
  12. This is just another example of SI monetising the game. Those odds say that an way win and a home win have an equal chance and a draw is the most likely result. Obviously the odds haven't come from SportPesa.. they have just paid to have their name tagged onto this in game feature. There will be more of this to come undoutedly and I for one am not comfortable with it.
  13. I read that the BidStack ads have been hard coded in the last patch... you know, the one that only addressed security issues... and now can't be removed. What's next? We will have to choose kit suppliers from paid for brands? We will be given the 'opportunity' to rename our Stadiums from paid for 'Sponsors'? Listen, you monetise this game enough by releasing an update once a year and charging it as a brand new game. I can't think of anyone else that gets away with that. You are heading down the path where you are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Concentrate on the game and improving it. We have bugs reported year on year that never get fixed yet you still have time for this stuff? I am sure I am not alone in deciding I will not be buying any further FMs until you get back to the old days where your main aim was to collect feedback and make the game better. For the past few years that just hasn't been happening.
  14. I'm suffering from this aswell. Got the Brexit message.. allowed 17 foreign players... I'm thinking this is no problem. The problem is that it seems to only apply to the Premier League. I'm in the Championship and expected to struggle to avoid relegation. Try and find me a top class non English player that will sign for a club like mine. You won't find any. Having done a pre-season after Brexit I find that not only can I not sign any EU players but I can't even renew the contracts of EU players I already have at the club. I can't even sign or loan a EU player that is already playing for an English club. This is ridiculous. I know we don't know the real life result of Brexit but does SI really think that the effect will be that every club outside of the Premier League has to have a 100% English squad. The game is not "working correctly" unless you think that all foreign players outside the Premier League will disappear from the English game after Brexit. For goodness sake my local club playing at Step 7 of the pyramid has a number of EU and other nationalities playing for it let alone a Championship club.
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