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  1. Data update

    Do any data updates including the summer transfers so far exist?
  2. International management help

    Thanks for the replies, I did name 23 men for the original 26 man squad thinking that it would give me 3 keepers but as I said, when it came down to the squad selection screen they'd disappeared And jmas, just checked and he's not on my game unfortunately, by the looks of it I'm just going to have to take Stevenage's Carl Ikeme to South Africa!
  3. After winning promotion with Crystal Palace and a season of consolidation, Nigeria offered me a job. I took it, but there is only one Nigerian keeper on the game, and he's a Stevenage player... 'Greyed out' players sometimes appear and sometimes don't but for my first game they were nowhere to be seen and i had to play a striker in goal Does anyone know how to ensure that these (actually very useful-looking) 'greyed out' keepers will be there the next time? The World Cup looms.. Cheers