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  1. I had a few years ago and its a great program for helping me determine what young players I train where. I can only find old links that dont work anymore. Anyone know where I can download it from now?
  2. pro are you keeping a changes log? I couldnt see it on the download.
  3. Lucas Pratto is also a great replacement for Rooney. Good tutor to. 18 determination and great ppm
  4. I steal Roma's Bruce Conti and Walter Sabatini for HOYD and DOF. Their stats seem pretty much perfect. In FM15 I use to buy Milan's Mauro Tassotti as an ass man but I've been using Joe McLaughlin this version since Mauro hasn't wanted to leave Milan yet. I also keep Blind, Rojo, Rooney, Jones and Fellaini as tutors. Rojo, Phil Jones and Fellaini get to many red cards. Rooney is just to difficult to keep happy. I've started over a few times in the beta but Pione Sisto and Erik Sviatchenkois are good buys and play well for me. They both have release clauses so you can pick em up for cheap if you are quick. Barbosa and Malcolm are more longer term buys for me, hoping they pay off, most saves they dominate from the go.
  5. I fixed it. Some reason it didn't work like it use to on older versions.
  6. Ive dled the new pr0 pack and its in the right location. My editor picks it up fine when when Im in the game the files arent showing up My game is updated.
  7. the data pack isnt showing up in my game? Editor picks it up no worries?
  8. I've got the files in the usual place. I can open them in the editor but I can't select the tab for editor data files when I start a new game. I've cleared cache and verified my fm15 in steam.
  9. I obviously can't find it. I have a player who's retiring and would love to recommend a role as I think it helps you get bonus points with the player.
  10. Can't wait for this. I would love to see Martin Odegaard in this
  11. I'd play him as Advanced forward with ppm move into channels/run down left flank/cut inside. Inside forward is the next option. I might try and get a youngster with pace and try and build an henry, I wonder how that will work haha
  12. I think it comes down to your tactics again with players like pedro. I would have him swapping the other winger/inside forward or cutting in and playing crosses in. As with a player like valencia i would only have as an out and out winger whinping in crosses
  13. I had him with a lower premier league team and had developed him from season 1. 3rd season in i was pushing for the premier title (winning it but quite a bit) and he was my playmaker. awesome player, i missed him when he wasn't playing
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