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  1. Clicking it had no effect at all, I ended up loaning him out to an English club and I'm in the process of offering him a contract. He wouldn't accept my initial contract so I'll need to wait and then offer him an improved deal before it runs out
  2. Managing Swindon Town in the Championship (2019/20) and I've got a young player who's been out on loan getting a permit for a season. This season I've offered him out to loan and other English teams have made offers, so I'm confused about whether he needs a permit or not? The work permit bubble still shows up on the 'Player Status' section and the 'Apply for Work Permit' option is still available under the 'Contract' tab but other English teams can offer to loan him, which they wouldn't be doing if he wasn't eligible for them. Also, the work permit system in the UK has been scrapped according to this Brexit email Any ideas?
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