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  1. Hi there, well, I have some special questions about editing and hope for detailed answers. 1. RB Leipzig buys young hightalented players like Bruma, Werner or Laimer. Where can I edit the transferphilosophy of a club? 2. In german League 5 (Oberliga) plays Werder Bremen III, an U21 Team of Werder Bremen professionel team. How I can deactivate this Bremen III Team,because they already have in in German third division (3. Liga) Werder Bremen II. There is a curiosity that in German League 4 (Regionalliga) could play Bremen II & III against each other. 3. How I can deactivate Nations League. Tournement will started next years. 4. Where I can edit that KI-Trainers no get fired so fast? There is an option in editor like trust of fans etc... you can set 200,but that not help for a long time. 5. How I can include Kosova Teams in European club competition qualifiers. 6. How I can raise possibility that World Class Teams like Bayern Munich,Paris SG,Real Madrid or Barcelona win as KI-Team sometimes 7-1 or 9-0 or 10-1 against teams of same league?In career mode never see results like this. Maybe Japan against Kambodscha in qualifiers. 7. Where I can edit that in first team must play 2-3 players of own country? I want to reduce that foreigner count. For all German leagues. Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello there, where I can find an asian wonderkid file? For example Woo-Yeong Jeong from South Korea isn´t in the game,altough I included Claassen world wide file. There is one talent from Thailand who plays in Japan,also not in the game. Best Wishes !
  3. H kubi, Problem is that I want to start career with custom date of sortioutsi (03/04/2017) and the result file of this italian maker. Your file,that you post here just edit result in the end of november 2016. Best wishes !
  4. Hi AllinAll, Dont work ! I alread try. What do you mean? Don´t know... Please give me any solution .
  5. ´That´s why I ****ing join this forum ! I know that you cant use it, but I am here for help to realize that still ! I´d like to play with German Regionalliga and Oberliga. I am looking for an expert,please I want play real fixture and the german lower league.It must be possible. Where are the experts?
  6. Hi, it´s the pack of this man here http://www.fmscout.com/a-fmf-startup-fm17-database.html It´s a single datafile, only results of germany, date 28/05/2017. I take this file,because he made also results of 3. Liga. Maybe somone can give a look on that file? Best wishes !
  7. Hello there, I want to play with a file of german result fixture (Italian Maker) and with german lower league file (User Kruj). Problem is,that it is not possible to select two datafiles for same country before career start. That´s my big problem. I heard something about create datafile to xml file. I created the xml file of both,but dont know how continue... German league in FM 17 only activated until 3. Liga, but not Regionalliga & Oberliga. I am really disappeared. Who of you experts can help me quick and give me perfect solution? Combine Datafiles with Pre-Game Editor also do not work Best wishes from germany !
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