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  1. No FM today, postie has just been but only to deliver another game I ordered from Shopto 2 Fridays ago (can't believe it took so long to come by 1st Class Recorded!). Mine was despatched on Wednesday but for £18 I'm not complaining too much, I can wait another day. It's probably best I do anyway because I have an essay to write and if FM had come this morning it probably wouldn't have been getting written! Incidentally I ordered my PES2010 from Zavvi aswell and was worried it wouldn't come on release due to those strikes on the 22nd and 23rd, but because of the price I was willing to wait an extra day or 2. Infact the game was despatched on the Tuesday and arrived the day after, 2 days before release so I was quite pleased. Just a shame the same hasn't happened with FM, though I don't overly blame Zavvi (or the Hut Group as a whole; bought quite a few things from their various sites), at the low price they were selling at they were hardly going to bend over backwards to ensure everybody got their copies on time, and they did get their stock in quite late.
  2. Best save you had on 08

    08 was definitely the best for me in terms of saved games. Never really got into 09 despite having played a few seasons on it. On 08 I went the furthest I've ever gone on an FM game; 7 and a half seasons, with Celtic. Managed to win a double and 6 domestic trebles in those 7 seasons and reached the CL Quarter Finals. James McFadden was definitely the best signing I've ever made on FM, got him for about £7m and he bagged 45+ goals a season. Guilherme, Aiden McGeady, Craig Gordon and Ivan Rakitic all played fantastic over the course of the game for me aswell. I'd probably still be playing this save if I still had it, though my hard drive got corrupted and I had to reformat it so I lost my best game ever
  3. Your soundtrack to FM

    I made a football playlist that includes traditional football songs (YNWA etc.), songs that remind me of football or I've seen used in football TV programmes/youtube videos and songs that have been featured in other football games (Jerk It Out by The Caesars, that featured in both FIFA2004 and LMA Manager 2005, is a personal favourite). I usually use this playlist when playing FM although sometimes I just put something random on or use WMP search functions to play my top rated tracks.
  4. I've always wanted the England job but never ever been offered it. Despite a 7 season run of glory with Celtic on my longest 08 file I still didn't get an offer (I did get offered the Man U job but I quickly turned it down for personal reasons). I've more or less given up on the possibility of ever managing my country on any version of FM!
  5. Off topic fm :)

    Macs are quite good, but they are generally pricier than PC's and the amount of games and programs that are compatible with Macs is quite low. So in terms of value for money I would personally go with a PC. The new Windows OS, Windows 7, is released on 22nd October, so you may want to wait until then (FM10 isn't out until the week after) to buy one. The new OS is meant to be a lot better than Vista, especially when it comes to its use of your computer's resources (Vista as you may or may not know, is a resource hog that eats up a lot of memory). Not meaning to cause any offence but the way you put your post makes it sound as though you don't know a lot about computers. If I'm wrong I do apologise, but if you really don't I would highly recommend you get some more in depth advice from someone in the know, a friend or relative perhaps. If you go to a store and ask for help they'll happily give it to you, but it's not beyond their capabilities to sell you an overpriced, under spec. machine knowing that you may not catch on. When looking for a computer for FM you want to look out for one with a good CPU (I would say a 2ghz+ dual core, go for a quad core if you can stump up the extra cash), at least 2gb of RAM, and if you can afford it it is worth paying extra for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card (this will certainly help if you want to run the 3d matches with full detail, and if you want to play other games). I have a machine with integrated graphics, and although it does the job it doesn't do it anywhere near as well as a machine with a dedicated graphics chipset. It's important to remember that laptops aren't really upgradable so once you've bought it it's stuck at the spec. it's at, so it is important to get as good a spec. machine that you can that falls within your budget. When it comes to brands I generally recommend Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, HP and Packard Bell as I have had good experiences with all these manufacturers in the past. Dell and Acer's higher spec. machines are also quite good I have heard. When buying a computer I would definitely shop around as much as possible. I can't stress this enough. There are loads of places to buy from both on the high street and online. Sure one place may have a good deal, but another place might have a better one. I would make sure you look at as many retailers and machines as you can before making a decision on one. It's a nasty feeling buying a new machine and then realising that somewhere else had one with a better spec. and free printer for the same price or less. Don't rush into buying a computer, do your research, have a good look around, both on the high street and online and make your decision over a few weeks. FM isn't out for another 4 and a half weeks so you have plenty of time to have a look around. On a last note zavvi.co.uk have FM2010 for pre-order at £17.95, if you want to get the game at a bargain price. I hope I've been a bit helpful, and I hope you get a good machine and enjoy your FM10!
  6. I think it'll only be at £17.95 for a few days at the most mate, so you might not have the time to wait and see.
  7. Zavvi's high street stores closed down when they went bust at the beginning of the year but their online operation was bought and is now operated by The Hut Group who also run thehut.com, asdadirect, and a few other sites.
  8. Yeah hopefully you won't but you probably will have to. I don't think they'll be all that much though, not for an £18 game. Haha no, I should have made myself clearer. The limit for applying charges is higher. You have to pay VAT if the value of the item (plus shipping) exceeds £18, whereas if an item is marked as a gift the limit is doubled to £36.
  9. Imported goods are goods that you bring in to the country, whether it be personally or by ordering them online. And I don't think you'd be able to do that, your dad will be the importer because it is his card that is being used for the purchase so he is classed as the buyer. The purchaser of the goods is accountable for any customs charges and taxes, even if the goods are meant for someone else. Here in the UK the limit for charges is higher if the item is marked as a gift, so you could maybe arrange for the item to be labelled as a gift (having it gift wrapped by zavvi could be a good way of doing this, although it will cost extra) but I'm not sure if the same thing applies for South Africa.
  10. I agree, they usually put it down to £18 for a day or 2 every year and then put it back up to about £25 where it stays set at until a few months after release. So get your orders in quick if you don't want to miss out!
  11. No problem, and yes it definitely is! I'm not so sure, £18 is the cheapest I've ever seen it available for pre-order at (got FM2008 for £17.95 a couple of years back) and you can't really argue with that considering most places are selling it at £30. And yeah I'd say you will probably get it on release day, my FM2008 arrived on time and that was from thehut.com, who run zavvi.co.uk.
  12. No, Zavvi the high street retailer shut down at the beginning of the year, however their online operation was bought and is now operated by The Hut Group, who also run thehut.com and a few other sites. I've ordered from both sites before and never had a problem. On topic: I pre-ordered from there last Tuesday when I saw it at £24.95, however when I saw it had gone down £7 today I cancelled my order and placed a new order at the lower price. Got Pro Evo 2010 pre-ordered from there aswell, only £29.95!
  13. Signing Lionel Messi

    I bought him for £35.5m with Liverpool last night. It's pre-season before the start of my 3rd season and I've won 2 back to back domestic trebles in my first 2 seasons, with relatively poor performances in Europe (knocked out in the last 16 twice). Not sure what kind of season Barca had but when I saw that he was still on the list when I filtered out unrealistic targets, and I saw that his release fee was just £35.5m I though I'd snap him up with some of the £80m budget I'd been given because I don't really need to buy anyone. He took a £35k/week paycut to join me aswell and Fernando Torres seems to be fond of him and has been talking him up. That's my personal experience of signing him anyway. I think what other people have said here is true, that he is very loyal to Barca and will only leave for your team after you've enjoyed a good deal of success. Your season was pretty decent but you didn't win any trophies so you're unlikely to peak his interest just yet. Give it a season or 2 of glory and success and I'm sure he'll be more than interested in your team, as will most of the world's star players.
  14. When Will You Buy FM 2010?

    Will be pre-ordering it soon, it's a day one purchase for me every year.
  15. Haha yeah I just try ignore them when that happens and try tell them that I need them at the club to meet the ambitions they want to achieve, but it doesn't always work. Hope it does in your case though! Lol there's nothing sad about it, what else you gonna do on a bank holiday weekend?! Or any weekend for that matter! Cool, the game kicks off at 1:30, so you've got an extra hour of FM before it p.s. I got to about 7am then I was so tired I just fell asleep, just woken up now :o the FM is still running though