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  1. Been using a version of this tactic in my long-term save, and it has done very well. Screenshots of the tactic and the results are attached.
  2. Playing a 4141-Wide system. When facing 2 striker formations, I change the defensive midfielder to a Half Back so that my CBs don't get outnumbered. Facing formations with 1 ST (with or without AM), I change him to an Anchor Man so he can block passing lanes to the opposition ST. Is this reasoning correct? If not, what would you change?
  3. Go to Preferences - then select Match from the dropdown menu - scroll down - click on the Match scheduling option. Screenshot attached
  4. The session shifting part? Or the Wednesday and Saturday match button?
  5. Just shift each session to the right. You could also tick the Sunday and Wednesday match button in settings - that way all your schedules will be uniform.
  6. Based on your requirements, I came up with these 2 schedules - the first one is for the offensive players, and the second one is for defensive players. When you create the schedule in game, make sure to balance the workloads per day (heavier early week, to gradually lower mid-week and then match preparation training right before the match). If the players moan about high volume of physical training, replace them with practice match sessions. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. I use the training planner to create schedules for my youth team (been doing this for the past 2 editions of the game), focusing on the attributes they need to develop in order to be successful in the main team. If you can tell me what style of football you want your team to play, I am sure we can cook up a custom schedule for you.
  8. I came up with these 2 schedules using the training planner available on this forum. These schedules stress on the 12 core DMR attributes and have spaces for match preparation. I will be using these untill the author shares his approach to training.
  9. I manually setup every defensive free kick, corner and throw-in routine every time I adopt a new/change my old tactics. Even then nearly 1 in 3 (anecdotal) highlights has the players in the default setup. Example - In my 4141 DM formation, the default routine has the DM on Go Forward, while less defensively aware wingers keep marking players in the box. Although I changed this manually, frequently I'll notice it's still the DM forward. Mostly they follow the routine, but sometimes they don't. Kinda frustrating NGL.
  10. Well written. Read your blogs too, loved them. My question is, how do you approach training your squad to increase their DMR?
  11. I've had this problem when trying to load throw-in routines. Usually a reset to default and updating the routine manually helps.
  12. Looks pretty, will test it out. I play at 85% zoom and use the regen face pack, hopefully there won't be any issues.
  13. Could you share what you came up with? I was thinking of setting something up similar, but couldn't get around to do it.
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