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  1. I've had this problem when trying to load throw-in routines. Usually a reset to default and updating the routine manually helps.
  2. Looks pretty, will test it out. I play at 85% zoom and use the regen face pack, hopefully there won't be any issues.
  3. Could you share what you came up with? I was thinking of setting something up similar, but couldn't get around to do it.
  4. With respect to this tactic, what would be the difference between playing a DLP-S and an AP-S (with hold position TI)?
  5. I am trying to get that asymmetry from the PPMs and not the roles. For example, one of my CMs has gets forward whenever possible and tries long range passes while the other has dictates tempo and comes deep to get ball. So I have 2 different players, but they both share the same role.
  6. I'm kinda averse to F-9 because it's a very demanding role - so I'm trying this variant. Also I prefer symmetry so the roles mirror each other.
  7. Also, to mold complete footballers, try putting your attackers in the defensive unit and vice-versa for 6 months. Also another tip - when training youth players, make sure they are training in roles that emphasize on technical and mental attributes; physicals will come naturally (IRL, would you rather have a 16 year old practicing their technique and learning about football or would you send him to the gym to get buff?). Example - attacking midfielders with high flair are trained as CM-D or BWM-D, wingers with low teamwork are trained as WM-D/DM-D, strikers are trained to cover at wings and ge
  8. Shoot less often. In home matches, I would try adding get further forward but I have 4 away games back to back as of now If you want to get the best out of schedules, you will have to adjust them manually. The AssM will handle it fine during 1 game weeks, but in weeks with 2+ games, he'll not schedule enough recovery sessions/match prep sessions and keep physical sessions. If not edited, your youth players will develop slower. I adjust the training schedules for all 3 teams (Main, B and u19) once a month and review them every week.
  9. I changed the Mezzalas to CMs instead and it has been going well. I've also done the set-pieces, free kicks and corners are set such that the backline (RB,CD,DM and LB) rarely moves upfield. Throws are taken from Guido and all defensive routines have been compiled from Daljit's streams. AMR and AML take right and left corners respectively. DR and DL take right and left throws. The defensive routines assume that the anchor man is tall enough to deal with aerial threats (in my case, they are highly technical CBs). I've attached the tactic as well as the result of the latest match. sim
  10. Crosses from free kicks and corners are counted as key passes. My winger who's on corner duty usually ends the game with 6+ key passes, while my playmaker who actually makes stuff happen on the pitch gets maybe 3.
  11. In season 2, De Jong went to PSG for £120 million, in season 3 Fati went to PSG for £150 million and in season 4, Pedri went to PSG for £170 million. Replaced De Jong with Camavinga (£48 mil), Fati with Diogo Jota (£40 mil) and Pedri with Pablo Fornals (£18 mil). The decrease in wage budget and transfer profit made it possible to make £900mil - £1.5bil profit per season from second year onwards, without winning any reputable competitions (2nd in La liga, quarters of UCL, maybe a domestic cup win and another final somewhere). Unless they are regens that I develop, I love money more than players
  12. Not only did we complete 814/855 passes, but also we played almost entirely in the opposition half. The anchor man completed 97% of his 193 attempted passes. A question - what would be the ideal set of PPMs for the IWBs, Mezzalas and Anchor Man?
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