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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I still prefer having the boxed copy, so let's wait till Friday and see. If the shelves are empty, I might consider Steam - good to know it does not require internet access at all times.
  2. Yes, it would be expensive I guess, but as far as I'm concerned, if you download it via Steam, you have to be connected to the Internet at all times to play the game, am I wrong?
  3. Hi all, I am sorry if I opened this thread in the wrong forum but I couldn't find a more suitable place to do it. I live in Turkey and I really want to get on my hands on FM 2011 as soon as possible. I was wondering if the release date of the game in Turkey is same as the rest of Europe (5th of November). If yes, then I will buy the boxed version. If the release in Turkey is delayed, I might consider buying it online via Steam. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  4. fgu82

    1995/96 season database

    I don't know if the following information is any use to you at all, but I just wanted to do it for the sheer fun of it Fenerbahçe SK (Turkey) Name (Position _ CA/PA) Rüştü Reçber (GK _ 146/-9) Engin İpekoğlu (GK _ 131/140) İlker Yağcıoğlu (RB/WB _ 132/134) Mustafa Özer (RB/WB _ 124/127) Uche Okechukwu (SW/DC _ 146/149) Jes Högh (SW/DC/DMC _ 155/157) Saffet Akbaş (DC _ 131/133) Emre Aşık (DC _ 129/142) Erol Bulut (DL/DMC _ 130/136) Halil İbrahim Kara (DL/ML _ 120/124) Kemalettin Şentürk (DMC _ 132/133) Tayfun Korkut (MRC _ 138/145) Serkan Rençber (DMC _ 117/123) Oğuz Çetin (AMC _ 148/150) Tarık Daşgün (AMRLC _ 126/-8) Bülent Uygun (AM/FC _ 137/138) Aykut Kocaman (ST _ 138/149) Elvir Bolic (ST _ 142/147) Dalian Robert Atkinson (ST _ 136/166)
  5. Care to explain why you hate the patch so much?
  6. I had the same problem with my FM09 save-game. I worked my a.. off trying to fix it but to no avail.
  7. fgu82

    Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    I love this thread. Makes me wanna play the game day and night!
  8. That is not correct! You can still use the creator for other tactics, however you can not edit this particular tactic with the creator.
  9. A few days ago, I posted a comment in this thread, stating that some of the users that contributed to this particular thread were "made-up users, deliberately favouring the tactic". My reasoning was the fact that all those users had just like 1 or 2 previous entries in their account. While I still remain sceptical about that issue, I came here to apologise to the creator of this tactic. I really can't explain how it works, because it is so offensive that I'd normally think my team would get slaughtered by the opponent. Yet, it is working wonders for me, I am scoring at least three per game and winning 100% at home and 60-70% away (with Tottenham, I only could not beat Arsenal and ManU away with this tactic, but I did not lose either). I can honestly say that this tactic is the one that gets closest to the infamous Diablo of CM03-04. Congratulations to everyone involved in the development stage!
  10. Did anyone else notice that there are many contributers to this thread with comments like "This is a great tactic" or "I love this tactic", etc.! This might have been normal unless all these contributers had only like 2 or 3 posts in their history. I don't want to cause a stir but I really think many of those comments were made by fake users somehow related to the post-opener!
  11. Hyrule King's formula is definitely wrong. I believe the formula including DDM is still valid. I don't remember exactly but it might be like this: First of all, DDM = determination + level of discipline + motivating Then, in order to achieve 5-star training the formulas are: For tactics: 2 x Tactics + DDM = 90 For GK, 2 x GK + DDM = 90 For fitness, 2 x Fitness + DDM = 90 For attacking, 2 x DDM + 3 x Tactics + 6 x Attacking = 270 For defending, 2 x DDM + 3 x Tactics + 6 x Defending = 270 For ball control, replace tactics and attacking (or defending) with technique and mental, respectively. Do the same thing for shooting, but this time replace mental with attacking. I don't remember the formula for set pieces, though. Sorry!
  12. Having lived in Manchester for three years, I must say this is a good one!
  13. UEFA was stubborn??? This subject is off-topic but I couldn't help myself voicing my opinion. Why would (or should) UEFA change the previously announced venue just to make the trips for arguably the richest football fans in Europe shorter! It obviously makes no sense. Zenith fans made it all the way to Manchester and they never moaned about the distance they had to travel. About the topic, interestingly this is a common occurrance in the game. I also won a CL title against Fenerbahçe with my Atletico Madrid team in Vicente Calderon (the season was 2012-2013). I believe that once the venue of a club competition final is announced, the players of the team owning that particular stadium are strongly motivated by that, making it all the way to final frequently (obviously if they have the skills).
  14. The same thing happened to me with v9.0.2 and I reported it in the bugs forum a while ago, it is really disappointing that this bug hasn't been fixed before the release of patch 3. And no, I didn't go on holiday on the match day. The first responsive screen on the match day appeared as "submit team" screen, which didn't allow me to pick up any players. In other words the game was processing until that point, having started doing so the previous day.
  15. Inter offered 74M pounds for De Rossi to me (AS Roma), I accepted the bid as I had 10M left in the bank, De Rossi rejected to go