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  1. Thanks. Found this one it looks better to me and is also cheaper. Is it or am I missing someting? https://www.mimovrste.com/prenosniki/hp-pavilion-14-al103nm-i5-7200u8gb1tb14gtx940mxdos-y1ap27ea
  2. I wish to play in 3d mode, will load just few top leagues. Well this is site I ordered before from so I trust this site, which is big for me for buying online. Budget is 500-600€ but if I can't get laptop in that range I can increase abit. On this site you click on laptop and then scroll abit down from pictures and all configurations are listed there. https://www.sestavi.si/index.php/items/display/101/102/prenosni-racunalniki Also are prices ok? Would I save much by ordering on ebay and similar sites?
  3. I have been trying to find a laptop to play a FM on but my knowledge of laptops is very limited. I have been googling past few days and I found this laptop. Can someone tell me if it is good enough to play FM 17 on it and if so how fast will it be. https://www.sestavi.si/index.php/item/display/49156/54681_prenosni-racunalniki_dell-_-dell-notebook-inspiron-3542-15-6----intel-core-i5-4210u--linux--black--2y.jpeg
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