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  1. Seems to be working fine for me; 3 games without any issues at all. And the extra sounds are a tidy little addition to the game. Good work, Bennico and Barkermush.
  2. This thread is truly wonderful, but this post had me in an advanced state of hysterics.
  3. Followed this advice: Open the 'Default' folder in the 'Sounds' folder, and then delete the following wav file: -- FM_crowd_european Then go into the 'Events' folder, and open the 'Match Sounds' file in notepad; and then delete the command strings: -- SOUND_LIGHT_ANTICIPATION, "FM_crowd_european", 0, 4, 2, 0 -- SOUND_LIGHT_ANTICIPATION_OPPOSITION, "FM_crowd_european", 0, 4, 2, 0 If you do it correctly, that should remove the sound from your game. Unfortunately, the problem still rears its head occasionally, which is perplexing. Am I missing something? Is there something else I must delete? I used Steam to install the game. Cheers for a wicked Soundpack; just want to resolve this niggle.
  4. My bad, sorry. It does work with the Strawberry Demo.
  5. Does it work with the demo? Probably a stupid question.
  6. Good work, Benn. Look forward to hearing it. Agree with another poster that SI should reward the not inconsiderable, free-of-charge work that some forum users put into improving the game.
  7. I do like the idea of an Online Hall Of fame. Be nice if the game could have some sort of scoring system that reflects just how well you've done. Plenty of people could win the CL with Barcelona, for instance, but an online HOF that showed people who've done the same with, say, Worcester City, would be a nice touch. Certainly be good bragging rights, if nothing else. Whenever i come on this immensely popular thread, i'm always sure to read the first 10 posts again. Great fun.
  8. Alex of Cruzeiro (02/03 i think) and Kim Kallstrom (numerous versions) are my all-time favourites. Must mention Sigporrson though, legend. Irl, my favourite player of all-time is Paul McGrath.
  9. Finidi George on 02/03, and Sigporrson from that year (i think). Cherno Samba was ace, but my top favourites were Alex of cruzeiro 902/03) and Kim Kallstrom (numerous versions).
  10. Surely it's not that difficult to implement? We can give players nicknames, so a section of the editor where you can put in potential names for new stadiums can't be beyond the realms of possibility.
  11. ...when you're lay by a pool in Spain, sipping a pina colada, wondering if it would be beneficial to switch to a 4-3-3 when you get home.
  12. ...when you sit watching Sky Sports news, and think "Hang on, how can Saha be going to Everton? He's only just gone to Newcastle!" Then you realise. Bloody real life/fiction distinction issues.
  13. Yep, so that lad Xisco who is going to NUFC from depor should be referred to as "Chisco", if the commentators have done their homework. Mind you, over the years, commentators have disagreed on Solskjaer (Sol-shar, Solsk-shara), Cantona (hard and soft 'o') and Ndlovu (Nud-love, Underlove) to name but 3.
  14. I've never forgotten the wonderful admission of someone on this forum who admitted than whenever his team reached a cup final, he donned a suit, stood at the bottom of the stairs, and then led his team up to the pitch (bedroom). I've been known to conduct post-match press conferences with myself before now. Though that was when i was slightly younger, and took the game far more seriously (ie. pre-FM08).
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