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  1. Thanks @James Gayman i found another skin and messed around with it so i now have the stuff i was missing from this skin there aswell, But it's understandable that you can't "just" share, but @bossland havnt been seen for around 5-6 month so if he's just taking a break, it's well deserved. Just hope he's okay.
  2. I think there is, but since it's not @bosslandthey don't wanna share it sadly
  3. Hello The last few years i used a skin that i really liked, sadly this year it's not updated / continued. My question is, is there anyone who might be able to give me a few pointers to where i need to change stuff, so it will work for FM21 i don't know much XML, but i found out that if i change the version required to current version i was able to see "some" of the main screen. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance
  4. Any chance that you could make a dl og the whole skin, so we can use it. atleast until and if @Bossland returns Pretty please @paolo DeGarmo
  5. did anyone make a fix for this skin? and maybe wanna share
  6. Nothing for sure, he wasnt sure when i asked him at the end of fm20 But i agree, best skinn ever. But lets @bossland him and see if he replies
  7. Lets hope someone have an answer for you. I just wanted to say that i doubt @bossland will be making any fixes to the skin at this point. But IF he makes it for fm21 he will without doubt go through this post and look for stuff to fix / correct for the new version.. But all is only Hopes and dreams from my view. I have used and loved this skin for years now <3
  8. There is a post somewhere that explains how you remove it.
  9. To those asking questions... Please don't expect a quick answer from Bossland, he said a few days ago that he is very busy, but that your welcome to post questions and that he will attend to them, once he got more time. But it might be awhile.. Just a little FYI previously from bossland
  10. The latest version is always the one on the 1st page http://www.mediafire.com/file/2stvxukeilf5ljq/YACS_2020.7z/file
  11. It was asked here and answered here
  12. and the next few posts below. hope you get the issue solved
  13. I would assume thats it seperate skins.
  14. There is if you also install the "player field picture" you'll find both on page 1
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