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  1. There is a post somewhere that explains how you remove it.
  2. To those asking questions... Please don't expect a quick answer from Bossland, he said a few days ago that he is very busy, but that your welcome to post questions and that he will attend to them, once he got more time. But it might be awhile.. Just a little FYI previously from bossland
  3. The latest version is always the one on the 1st page http://www.mediafire.com/file/2stvxukeilf5ljq/YACS_2020.7z/file
  4. It was asked here and answered here
  5. and the next few posts below. hope you get the issue solved
  6. I would assume thats it seperate skins.
  7. There is if you also install the "player field picture" you'll find both on page 1
  8. I think you just unpack it and put it into the skin folder and choose it inside fm, just like the normal skin. it's just a guess,
  9. people uses diff facepacks, so that would be more or less impossible to add in the skin without ppl complaining. The name fix is done outside of the skin, so that would not be possible to add.
  10. Download works fine for me, try another browser
  11. In Fm19 you had the option to tick and untick the different information the backroom staff would sent to you in mail. the pictuer you gave is just the overview of the staff things, i will install fm19 and take a picture for better understanding. Edit: picture added, if you look at this picture from Fm19, you had the options to expand and tick and untick stuff. it seems missing from Fm20 ??
  12. Hello there. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to where you "Retick" Staff advice so you get them in mails again after you unticked it in one of the mails you get (look at picture) i know that in FM19 it was in "Responsibility - staff - advice and reports" where you could expand the diff stuff and tick and untick stuff.. Picture is from the Mail where i am unticking the advice and tells that i do not want a email anymore, but where do i enable it again. If i change my mind..?? Thanks
  13. \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics
  14. All fonts have the .ttf extension i assume that if you know where to replace the font, you can just copy ur font into the folder, find the file "xml" and change the font name inside it to match ur new font and it should be changed ingame after a clear cache and reload skin.. remember this is just my thought, but i guess @bossland would be the guy to wait for and get a proper reply. EDIT: or do some trial and error to see if i'm right
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