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  1. @Luke Rumble I normally use spacebar to continue, so it'd probably be that. I got past it this morning by following @Vernum's suggestion and choosing a different inbox entry. Once I confirmed that it moved onto 2nd September, I quit the game and replied here.
  2. @Vernum The trial run this morning was done by not selecting the squad dynamics update in the inbox before continuing, and the game kept running past the date it stalled @Luke Rumble The file is uploaded as geejaytee_stall_on_01-09.fm in fm/game-save directory as in the instructions. The game date is 29/8 (pm)
  3. @Vernum A quick check this morning seems to confirm that it's that update sitting highlighted in the inbox which is the problem. It's an odd bug. I'm following the other thread to see if there's a resolution there.
  4. I'll try that - I suspected the dates were important because of transfer windows, but if it's the 1st of the month dynamics update that's causing the problem, then that would be it
  5. I'm running 36 leagues from 10 countries with 84,000 (approx) players
  6. I have updated the drivers to the latest via the AMD website, and the game still stalls with the same symptoms at the same time. The updated dxdiag result and a screenshot of task manager are attached. DxDiag_update.txt
  7. I have an issue with the latest version of FM2018 for PC (18.3.4f1093856). My save games do not progress beyond a certain date. I had an issue a few days ago with the game not continuing past Aug 1st in a specific year, but after trying a previous auto save, the game managed to get past that, only to freeze on September 1st (31 days later in the save game) What can be seen in Task Manager is that FM runs at standard memory (~1-1.5GB) for most of the time, then a while after stalling, the memory drops down to ~22K, with CPU still above 0. This persists for as long as I can be bothered with it, until I kill the process using the TM. However, I have seen a bug appear before this happens - my U23 team (with auto friendlies) play teams with different names, but clicking on the names returns Amateur teams called "Test ID" (the unique team IDs are different) I have attached a DxDiag output file, if its required, and a screenshot of Task Manager under normal running and one under stalled running showing the CPU/RAM differences. DxDiag.txt
  8. I'm having the same issue, on two specific dates (with the same save), 1st August and 1st September. Looking at the task on Task Manager, the memory usage drops from the usual value (1GB+) down to about 20K, and sits there for hours, not responding (but still using CPU) And, given that FM2018 has removed the "updating" rotating icon, it is impossible to see whether the job is still running, or whether it has indeed stalled (or gone into an infinite loop).
  9. They're not on the queue page, they are on the assignments page, so your hint doesn't work. Never mind, I'll just have to wait for them all to process through the scouts.
  10. I tried that, but you can't "select all" (by selecting one row, and shift clicking the bottom row) on that page
  11. These are scout assignments on individual players (mostly - there are two division-wide assignments and the next opponent). And yes, I did mean > 2600. Thanks to some inconsiderate clicking when looking at the released players at the end of the season, I managed to set this many up myself.
  12. Is there a quick way of deleting scouting assignments en masse? I have 2728 assignments active and it's properly slowing FM2017 down. Waiting for the scouting window to update following a click of the "remove assignment" icon at the end of each row is proving tedious (as there are so many of them..)
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