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  1. They're not on the queue page, they are on the assignments page, so your hint doesn't work. Never mind, I'll just have to wait for them all to process through the scouts.
  2. I tried that, but you can't "select all" (by selecting one row, and shift clicking the bottom row) on that page
  3. These are scout assignments on individual players (mostly - there are two division-wide assignments and the next opponent). And yes, I did mean > 2600. Thanks to some inconsiderate clicking when looking at the released players at the end of the season, I managed to set this many up myself.
  4. Is there a quick way of deleting scouting assignments en masse? I have 2728 assignments active and it's properly slowing FM2017 down. Waiting for the scouting window to update following a click of the "remove assignment" icon at the end of each row is proving tedious (as there are so many of them..)
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