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  1. I am 6 seasons into a save and suddenly my Player pictures are no longer showing in the game. I have deleted and reinstalled the DF11 packs, cleared the cache and reloaded the skin on confirm, but pictures still not showing, any ideas ?
  2. Also at Bayern and currently 73 games unbeaten in 2024
  3. No, no editor files on this save game, I have just downloaded an updated GeForce experience graphics driver, laptop had driver from Sept18 and new driver 12/12/18, could this be the problem.
  4. i cant upload the crash dump file, as it says it is too big ? DMP file is 2,894,752 kb ? I have verified steam files, only missing files are those deleted to enable real names
  5. I have just bought a new laptop and FM19 crashes intermittently giving error 19.2.1 - 117743 [staging] [2] - This error occurs with or without 3rd party facepacks and in both the savegame ported from my old laptop and a new game created on my new laptop. I have cleared cache and preferences as recommended and have completed a full deletion and reinstallation of FM19. DxDiag.txt
  6. 50 and been playing since the beginning CM1 by domark
  7. I am using Knaps Goodbye tactic and continually having my wingbacks sent off, 4/5 times a season and sometimes both in same game. Both have instruction to not dive in to tackles/stay on feet. Anyone have any ideas how to stop this happening ?
  8. You would have to start a new game and select them in your leagues, you can leave them on view only until you want to activate them.
  9. Not found any glitches/issues with claasens league updates, Qatar, Egypt and Iran are fun to play
  10. Enjoying the hot fix, can see the ball on data analyst cam, but suddenly my team are incapable of holding on to a lead, 3 draws on the trot from 2 goals up, back to the tactical drawing board !
  11. Just spent the whole of season 2 with Barcelona watching and unsettling Coutinho, only to get to transfer window at end of season and they made no bid. Moved into season 3 and Real Madrid gave started exactly the same behaviour.
  12. Quite easy to have too many players, 2 keepers and 2 players for each position = 22 & I always have a 3rd option for key positions, CD, Regista, Playmaker, striker. Need 30 players for an EPL challenge plus European campaign
  13. I have the opposite problem, trying to do a journeyman save, but keep getting attached to my first team, 10 years with Augsburg in last save, already 3 with Atalanta in current save, loving the conveyor belt of young talent and watching them develop and move on to bigger clubs
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