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  1. [Germany] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Only the real team names patch, possibly an issue with that ?
  2. [Germany] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Playing in German 3rd division, 2 teams called VFL Osnabrück and Osnabrück, SV Meppen missing from current real life division ? Osnabrück does not exist as a team in real life ?
  3. Enjoying the hot fix, can see the ball on data analyst cam, but suddenly my team are incapable of holding on to a lead, 3 draws on the trot from 2 goals up, back to the tactical drawing board !
  4. All players are black - KNOWN

    seem to have sorted this out messing about with the graphics settings, trial and error, turned shadows off and anti aliasing n in settings.
  5. Just spent the whole of season 2 with Barcelona watching and unsettling Coutinho, only to get to transfer window at end of season and they made no bid. Moved into season 3 and Real Madrid gave started exactly the same behaviour.
  6. Quite easy to have too many players, 2 keepers and 2 players for each position = 22 & I always have a 3rd option for key positions, CD, Regista, Playmaker, striker. Need 30 players for an EPL challenge plus European campaign
  7. I have the opposite problem, trying to do a journeyman save, but keep getting attached to my first team, 10 years with Augsburg in last save, already 3 with Atalanta in current save, loving the conveyor belt of young talent and watching them develop and move on to bigger clubs
  8. Hardest FM ever??? The

    Don't think it's harder, I have won league in Germany, Qatar and enjoying a save with Atalanta in Italy. I have only one tactic and buy players to suit it, 5-3-2 with wing backs providing the width
  9. Winter Break

    Playing in Germany, normally setup a short training camp with 2/3 friendlies in a warm country during winter break. Have toured Spain, Turkey, but usually opt for Qatar or UAE. Great chance to take a look at some reserve team players pushing to step up.
  10. Job Offers/Interviews

    Cheers thought it was just me ! started as international footballer and have all coaching badges.
  11. I previously posted about not get any job offers/interviews for jobs in 8 seasons and it suddenly occurred to me that I am still playing my original beta save, would this be a factor in not getting any interest from other clubs ? I have now won the Bundesliga twice in a row with Augsburg, including an unbeaten league season, but still no interest, have applied to clubs like Dortmund, RBL, Schalke, Leverkusen, who have all changed manager at least 4 times, but each time I am advised no interview due to strength of other candidates ?
  12. Is it still possible in FM17 to arrange testimonials for long serving players ? I am in season 8 and have some long serving players, but facility to arrange a testimonial is greyed out ?
  13. Anyone had any success getting job applications offers/interviews ? I am 8 seasons in with Augsburg and have just won German league and cup double and still can't get an interview/move club. I have all coaching badges, but just get the message saying "unsuccessful due to calibre of other applicants".
  14. Moving Job

    Same for me, been with Augsburg for 7 seasons, qualifying for Champs league in last two, never been even linked to a vacancy or invited for an interview when I apply.
  15. Issue with signing German players fixed, just managed to sign Passlack for Augsburg