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  1. 2 requests: Mexican First Division League/Competition (teams) in EPL (England) Mexican First Division League/Competition (teams) in La Liga (Spain) Thanks!
  2. Hello, How do I remove Homegrown Status 9/9 rule from Liga MX (Mexican League)? I looked in Advanced Rules in Editor but I cannot find that rule. How can I add the Mexican First Division competition in EPL or La Liga? I want to test out how the team would fair. Thank you!
  3. Why not start the game from steam? It could be many things why your desktop icons do not work. Does this happen to any other games or icons you have in your desktop? Do they not open? It might be your computer, not cleaning it every week/month or running antivirus/malwarebytes/windiws defender. You might need some updates. It could be anything.
  4. You were all right, it was because of the language. Director of Football is in UK, General Manager is in US. Thank you all!
  5. Does it really make a big difference? O.o I dont remember changing it though. Especially for FM Editor, I dont think you can change the language nor I remember changing it or if there is an option for it. It happens on both engines FM Editor and FM 17 Thank you all for the help
  6. Thank you Will do once I get home too. Ill see if I can find them. Does anyone else have any other ideas as to why it wont show in my save file? O.o
  7. I have the UK. In Editor is the same. I only have Director, Manager Director, Owner, General Manager, HoYD, and so on. I cannot find Director of Football. I tried adding it in editor because I thought my file was corrupt. In staff database. I am looking to hire a DoF, but the position does not populate/show up. I add: "Job" "is" and when I am looking for the DoF position, I cannot find it. I only get HoYD, Coach, Assistant Coach, etc. Not even in Football Manager Editor. It is nowhere shown. Any ideas? For further info: In my save file I am playing in 2nd Division Competition. However, as stated before, not even in Editor can I find that position. It does not show up in any club in Editor. I only get 2x General Manager, Chief, Director, Owner, Managing Director, etc.
  8. Hello everyone As stated in my topic, I am missing this position in my Football Manager game. Is anyone else missing this position? I was looking at some guides on how to recruit better youth, and in my football manager game I look for the job position "Director of Football" but it doesn't show that position. I can only see Director, Manager Director, General Manager (x2). In Football Manager Editor I get the same results, there is no Director of Football anymore?? Thank you for the help
  9. Thank you for the reply Jordan. I was reading other threads about this issue as well, I did not receive a request for my youth to enter the youth league. I guess its pointless to have a youth squad if you can't do much about it. I want to grow them according to what I need, dont want to loan them out. Does anyone else have similar experience? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello everyone, I am having problems, I have a pretty decent youth squad with great potential players that I want to grow but since my youth squad is not registered to any youth league it has become very difficult to grow them, and most of them are asking to go out on a loan which I dont want to do. Does anyone have any idea on how to register youth squads to youth leagues? I am playing lower division, 2nd Division Mexico. Trying to get promoted to 1st Division. Thank you
  11. Hi everyone, How can I get more players into my U18 & 20 squad? Right now I only have 11. Is there a way to make it grow? Have more players in there? Do they come by themselves or do I have to scout them? If so, how? I scouted some young players but they were all for my senior squad. Thank you
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