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  1. It's so strange to me that there isn't a clear option to stop your U18s playing Reserves games. I'm also experiencing poor fitness levels in my U18 squad and it's making me a bit anxious.
  2. I'm a couple of months into my first season and I'm noticing that my youngsters are already showing poor fitness (in the 60s). I think they're playing too many U18s/U21s matches. Their training workload is light and I'm trying to get the U18s manager to rotate them as much as possible. I fear that my youth squad might be too thin for the season and I don't want to risk them getting injured as that will obviously be a big set back in their development. I don't have much coin in the bank to pickup some other youngsters to add some depth - What are my other options? Can I force the club to bring in those "greyed out" players, just so I can give my players a breather? I have told several of them to take a rest, but I think that only applies to training. If I promote the tired players to my senior squad and let them sit there for a bit until they get their fitness levels to a reasonable level, will my youth setup automatically bring in players to fill the positions that are without a player? Are there any other options that I'm missing? Thanks!
  3. I have a question about this part for anyone that's willing to help out - How do you know when your youth players are ready for a better challenge?
  4. Whenever I submit an initial bid for a player, it seems like 80% of the time the bid comes back with a non-negotiable clause that they want x percentage (usually 40%) of profits from my next sale. Does anyone else seem to have that issue? I don't have a problem with the clause itself, but the fact that it's always non-negotiable is a pain in the ass.
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