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  1. I was first season in Prem as Preston, started ok had a few unlucky results and then couldn't buy a win. I sacked my assistant from championship days and brought in ex Bayern assistant Manager (forgot his name) who had great qualities. His preferred formation was flat 4-5-1 old skool. I adopted it. Went on a great run and finished well. Now he says to do this all the time with zero exceptions and the novelty has worn off and now I'm back to square one - can't get a result anywhere. I'm not going to sack him but freshen things up on my own. His substitute choices are awful and team selection a bit off. He'll play the same 11 over and over.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I don't use set pieces for this reason. It's a fun sucker.
  3. Reading some of these replies is infuriating. There is obviously a problem with the transfers and contracts. It needs refining. There is no doubt about it. Players, agents and Bill, Bob and Ted are all too rigid in their expectations of more and more money. There is no compromise and therefore no fluidity or realism. Two seasons in as Preston manager and I have so many examples of contract/agent stupidity!!! First...Aiden McGeady - joined Preston on loan in real life but would never happen in FM as it currently stands. Absolutely no compromise on wages - NONE. I couldn't loan him again for 2nd season without ridiculous wage demands being asked by EVERTON for a player rotting in reserves. They would be biting my hand off to cover even half his wage! His first season on loan was immense and he lit up the league however due to complete inflexibility on wage demands he went back to Everton, spent a full season in reserves and now is unemployed. What a waste! No valid club in Europe could afford to loan/buy him. Second.... After every season my players start kicking off wanting new deals. This is ok apart from the ridiculous demands being asked. At first I though this is a good portrayal of the football manager but now after 2 seasons I see the truth - it's broken. The demands are over 100% of their existing contract - which further exacerbates the underlying problem of players being priced out of the game! I signed Ashkan Dejagah in place of the self excluded Mcgeady. He was on 17k p/w. after one season he demands a new contract. He's only been playing for 12 months and has 2 years left to go. I tell him no and he kicks off! I relent and speak to the agent, he demands a whopping 30k p/w. I try to negotiate 24-28k p/w, he flatly refuses. He demands a transfer and ends up signing a contract worth 14.5k p/w at a french club. WTF? I offered him 25k and a first team place in a premiership campaign???? RIDICULOUS. The agent has made player join a lesser club for less money in a lesser division. Selling players..... What a joke! Eoin Doyle becomes league 2 top scorer while on loan. His wage was 5k p/w approx and I struggled to get rid, John Welsh, Vadid Hambo, Ben Pringle, Andy Boyle, Callum Woods, Paul Caddis - received 920k combined and I'm probably still paying % of their wage! More flexibility and compromise is needed in agent negotiations. On the last note - I just saw Raheem Sterling on loan list... I couldn't get to transfer section quick enough. They only want a 14 million pound fee and his 150k a week wage paying in full every week ...... LOL. To say contracts/agents/fees doesn't need refining and relaxing a bit is an insult to my intelligence.
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