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  1. [FM16][SKIN] g2 fmskin

    It has stopped because of some problem. I'll fix it and come back later. ------------------------------------------------ 2017/06/18 finished it, but just give me a massage you need. do not quote.. please massage.. I think it's a disrespect to post links here...
  2. [FM16][SKIN] g2 fmskin

    I remake g2fmskin to work on fm2017 i didn't do tests enough and there are some problems but it working on fm2017.
  3. [FM16][SKIN] g2 fmskin

    Hello gizel I am an fm user who is still doing fm2016 because of your lovely skin.(ibought fm2017) I have read the above..you so busy... g2fmskin fm2017 version is not updated so, I am making skin available to fm2017 based on g2fmskin 1.2ver. Still a lot of korean users want to use your lovely skin in fm2017ver After making it, I want to get permission from you, the original author, to share it on the Korean fm site.