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  1. @Cougar2010 This is what a child does when they're caught in a lie. Please quote where I said that I have widespread knowledge of the coding of Football manager? And in fact I clarified my original post and agree with you about most. Yet you never read anything beyond that. What I've said and clarified multiple times now is that there are some users who perceive this to be a problem. With each version I've seen a lot of discussion about reputation. Therefore, it's worthy of a discussion. You've literally come with nothing but a rude attitude. Your counter-argument has been "Well but uh i
  2. @Cougar2010 So the argument that you're weirdly hung up on is that somehow you have a superior understanding because your pov accounts for more than my pov. This is the issue with people like you in this community and why I made the disclaimer. This personally doesn't affect me as I like the challenge and I get a bit bored each year after winning so much. But it affects users who have taken the time to post about it each year. Rather than saying F off to those users and disenfranchising them, I figured that it'd be helpful to say more than what most people say in those forums which amounts to
  3. @Neil Brock Sorry I don't think that I explained what I was saying very well then. This much is obvious to anybody that follows FM or football IRL. What I'm saying is that Arsenal lost a large chunk of their players in the first few seasons (by force) in the video. Their results and league status dropped. I've never said that the question is about well-known teams being boosted over lesser known teams. What I pointed to was the fact that despite losing so much of what is supposed to go into reputation, Arsenal's rep recovered at a relatively quick rate. This was interesting when viewed a
  4. @Cougar2010 Allow me to clear that up. Each version of FM breeds several posts from users who can't seem to raise their reputation despite winning everything possible. And from my personal conversations and research, it seems that some users acknowledge but get on with it as I myself have done. But you're right not most. A) In this example, those clubs also haven't won the Champions League year after year. If those clubs were to make like PSG and become even Champions leagues Finals contenders each season, then their profile (reputation) would rise globally. We saw this IRL with Leiceste
  5. *** Disclaimer*** First and foremost as always, I unfortunately feel the need to inform anybody that reads this that this isn't a rant or a flaming post. All of my posts are meant to foster discussion. Sometimes, sadly the community turns against one another. Secondly, since I discovered FM, I've had nothing but success at it... The first few versions I lucked into it and everything past that has been about applying real world tactics within the confines of the definitions of Football Manager. I would presume that it's wide spread knowledge that club and manager reputation is considered
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