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  1. By any chance, did someone had some time to check this out? It would be a great help for the Hungarian FM Community
  2. You can go to Nation Rules and set every division below the second ones to Inactive Division.
  3. Need some help. I have added the Hungarian Third Division and added Hungarian Fourth Division. Third Div have 3 groups with 3-3 teams to relegate and a relegation playoff which is basically a matchless league table of the 3 groups' 13th placed teams and the last one relegates, so 10 teams relegates from Third Div. Fourth Div have 20 group, each group winner plays in a promotion playoff cup and 10 teams get promotion. I used Advanced Rules to achieve this, but when I validate nation rules Third and Fourth Div rules get validated, but First and Second Div's rules throws error in the second year and saying only 9 teams relegated from Third Div and 10 promoted from Fourth. I've tried out literally everything, the leagues are ending in time, but somehow in the second year the Third Div relegation playoff won't succeed. Can someone take a look on my editor file and help me out? I would really appreciate it, many Hungarian fans are waiting for this database :) Hungarian Database Extension.fmf
  4. Is there any way to import data to editor from an xlsx, csv or xml? I want to extend the database with some new teams and players, I am looking for a quick way to do it.
  5. I need some assistant from someone, who is better then me in this. I created level 3-4 for Hungary. Also changed the Cup to make the county qualify stages. When validating the rules I have some errors which came randomly no matter whitch level I test in rules: Level 3 (Nemzeti Bajnokság III) relegation playoff sometimes does not have a relegated team and I got the error that 9 teams relegated from level 3 but 10 teams promoted from level 4 (Megyei Bajnokság I) Cup stage 13 (Pest megyei selejtező) has only 23 teams and 25 needed. This one is in about the fourth tested year (added more teams, but not changed the status) Cup stage 20 (The main stage after the qualifiers) has only 123 or 125 teams insted of 128. I don't know how this is possible, because all the stages between 0 and 19 are required for stage 20, and I set all the stages Third Qualification Round winner teams as promoted ones (Both in Fate Actions in stage 0-19 and Teams in stage 20) I would appriciate if someone could check out my work and if you found something that is not correctly set or not set at all or just have some advice, please share with me. I am working on this since 2 weeks and I would be happy to finally finish it and share it with the community. Hungarian Lower Divisions.fmf
  6. I solved this with removing stage min and max teams and leave only the group min and max teams. Aaaand I am back at competition does not ended before the season update.. Removed the relegation playoffs and it's working, so I have to work on that a little bit. Maybe the league version was also good enough to pass the test without the two relegation playoff.
  7. Thank you, but something really not okay with this setup :\ For "Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén" there's 46 teams in the division for 3 groups. I created the group stage, with 45 minimum and 48 maximum teams, 3 groups with min 15, max 16 teams. After testing it says, that the system only found 25 teams. What's wrong? I added to Teams that "Get all teams from division"
  8. Be my guest. "Megyei bajnokság II" is the competition name. The child competition are the conties (like: Megyei bajnokság II. Bács-Kiskun megye), and the counties are seperated to one, two or three league stages (like Bács-Kiskun megye Északi csoport and Déli csoport) Hungarian League System.fmf
  9. I'm working on the Hungarian Lower Leagues, but stucked a little bit. I have a parent competition on level 5, which has 20 subcompetition (19 county and 1 for the capital), some of these subcompetitions are divided to groups (based on mostly regional, but some not with the old fashioned cardinal points). I solved this groups as league type stages, and for two groups it seems to be working, but when there's three group (3 stages) with a relegation playoff, the test says that the competition does not ended before the season update. I tried literally everything, set some fixture dates, changed the season update to a later date, also set the winter break smaller for this competition, but nothing has any effect on the test. Is it possible that my stages are not running paralel and therefore the 28-30-28 matches (groups are with 15-16-15 matches) are not fitting in the fixture range? If you needed, I can upload my database here to check it out. I would really appreciate any hint, because I have many workhours in this project to abandon it (also wanted to create level 6 and 7).
  10. I tried to sort the groups as stages of one sub-competition. But for competitions with 3 league stages and 1 relegation playoff, testing rules says that that compentation is not finished until the season update day. I tried everything, also set up fixture dates (all 3 league stages starts and ends on the same time with 15-16 teams), but still... no effect. Any idea? If needed I can upload my database to check it out.
  11. I removed a child competition and also removed it from advanced rules, but it is still in the menu and also when verifying the rules it says this competition has 0 teams and requires 9. Is there any more steps to remove a competition? Also I added more teams for one of the child competitions and split it into two stage leages, set the team to 14-16, but when testing rules, it says that it requires 18 teams (was the minimum before) but has 30 teams. Is there somewhere else to set the number of teams in competition than stages?
  12. Could you post some images of the Hungarian First Division (OTP Bank Liga) and the Hungarian National Team? (with the best players).
  13. 1. From an xml or csv for example. 2. Thanks, that would do the trick 3. I understand your way, but Hungarian amateur level is a little bit different, there are some groups in counties where the teams are seperated not from being in the north or south, more likely they are seperated by being close to the 5 big cities of the county. I am still thinking to create one league for the teams of each county, and make the groups in advanced rules as different stages. Not sure if this gonna work out.
  14. Hello everyone. I have a couple of questions for advanced fm editor users. 1.) Is there a way, to import new teams for a new competition from xml file. Where can I find a template for it? Itt should speed up my process of creating teams for my 40+ new competition. 2.) Can I somehow tell editor to automaticly set the team logo, kits & colors for the combinations of the foreground and background color I added? If not, where can I found the settings of the logo? (Currently all my new teams have blue logo and kits, which is not so good) 3.) Is there a way to create a competition level to be like for example: XY competition (level 4) which has regional groups based on the counties of the nation, but some of these counties has sub groups. So can I set the parent competition settings like XY comp. (0 teams) > XY county (0 teams) > X group (12 teams) and XY comp. (0 teams) > XY county (0 teams) > Y group (12 teams) If this is possible, will FM know that these groups should have about the same amount of teams, so there will not be a fixture like X group has 5 teams, Y has 19 teams? Also is it possible to make a promotion/relegation playoff for these to subgroup, if there is 2 subgroup on level 4, but 3 on level 5? Or maybe it would be better to create XY comp (0 teams) > XY county (24 teams) and split XY county into stages of league game with 12-12 teams, and make the stage winners champion and promote them? 4.) Also because of the regional levels, the cup is like: Each county has it's qualification subcup, and the winner will continue in the parent cup with the teams from the 3 competition levels above. How can I acheive this? I tried to create a new stage for a cup as a qualification cup, but after I set in the next stage that the winners of the Third qualification round goes up to the next stage, it did not happen. (I checked other existing cups in the editor, who they manage it). If you have some good tutorials for this tasks, please let me know Thanks for your help in advance
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