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  1. Hi. I want to allow reserve teams in France to be promoted from CFA, but I'm facing problems. After dealing with a lot of them by myself, I stuck with another one. It says that there are "not enough teams in CFA", (50 or smth out of 72, I didn't edit it), but the gap is supposed to be filled with the reserve teams of professional clubs of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. It actually is the way the game fills CFA sub-divisions if you don't edit it. And it's the way I want it to be. I create new rules of nation in advanced editor and I have to choose the unified division type of league first and then male it sub-divisional to be able to pick CFA as the basis for sub-divisions, not CFA-A, CFA_B, etc (since it's CFA that contains clubs, not regional. The editor only allows leagues than do NOT contain any clubs, be the basis of sub-divisional leagues. screenshot related) https://pp.userapi .com/c638629/v638629579/3ec0c/2xO5GlFrAhQ.jpg Maybe somebody on here can help me with that, and/or with understanding the way the editor works (why is it okay for the original data base and rules to have not enough teams for CFA and is not okay when you edit it). so I can avoid facing errors in the editor and/or making mistakes if I make ones there. Or, maybe somebody even has made such an update, although I haven't managed to find one. And I've been searching for anything similar to it for a couple of years. P.S. I don't believe that spanish B-club system is effective since it's very separate (separate staff, little team control, etc), so I don't consider this option. I have FM 2013 russian on steam. I use the default database in the editor. I couldn't attach any files, so I'm leaving link to the .bak and, xml files (just delete the space between google and .com). https://drive.google .com/open?id=0BxM2OR4_0ksOYi03cXZhYlFIZGs https://drive.google .com/open?id=0BxM2OR4_0ksOMFJOOXdnZ3c2MU0 Feel free to ask for any more details if you need.