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  1. Will be interesting to see how people get on with this one. I used a similar tactic myself, identical in shape just different roles. I found that the scoring capabilities were brilliant but defensively it was very leaky if teams were to counter you down the wings.
  2. 3 reds in 3 appearances. Absolutely crazy stuff from the big man. The worst part being that he's proven to be very good in each of them games and once his ban is completed he will have been suspended for 11 matches and were only at the end of September.
  3. Ajax currently schooling Citeh on how to play football Whilst singing about Suarez
  4. Not for me. I do visit the tactics forum for inspiration on occasion but I love developing my own classic tactics, you feel a much greater sense of achievement when you see your ideas unfold.
  5. Using a similar tactic which I have developed myself. Regularly get 60%-70% possesion in lots of games. There's nothing better then seeing your team keep the ball well and watch the opposition chase shadows
  6. Sure, here you go: I see you're only just in front of me by a couple of months, how's Gerrard shaping up? He retired at the end of last season for me after being in the reserves all season.
  7. Good effort mate. I'm in my fifth season now, won everything possible and will probably look for a new challege at the end of the current campaign.
  8. Absolutely cracking player for my Liverpool side this guy and easily my best ever buy.
  9. Player Profile > Interaction > Start Preffered Move Training Choose a coach and it should be in the finishing training category.
  10. It all depends on what benefits the loan will bring to the player, you have to pick the right club. I tend to only loan players out if they are going to be a key member of the team and played in a system which suits the player best. If they have only just turned 17 then I'd rather them stay in the youth team and be tutored until they mature before sending them out, unless of course they are exceptionally talented for their age. As well as this I generally look to loan players out for a maximum of 6 months initially with the possiblilty of using the second half of the season for tutoring or finding a higher quality club for them to go to.
  11. A future star in the making perhaps... And this beast is joining me in January... Got a few more that I'll share later.
  12. Carling & FA cups for me in 2012/2013 and lost in the semis of Champs league against Porto. Man City totally ran away with the league so that's going to be my main focus this year.
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