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  1. Whilst I dearly love the game, I would like to suggest the following for improvement : - - Ability to invite national managers ( u21 and u19 also ) to games ...... I have a very exciting young winger who is playing out of his skin week in week out on my save and I think it would be a great addition to the game if during a press conference, if we could invite his national manager to an upcoming game to watch said player, which in turn could potentially make the player happy as you have shown faith in his ability and you have put trust in him but similarly it could unsettle him as he thinks you are applying to much pressure to him by mentioning him getting a potential international call up
  2. Im stuck as a amateur club until I reach the promised of the football league I would of thought, however, the principle of the ideas that I have suggested would work no matter what playing level you are at
  3. Thanks for the reply Spike, I'm currently playing a game and have just been promoted and have just signed a polish goalkeeper on a free transfer from Lincoln, he will automatically be my 1st choice between the sticks and as such if he plays as well as my scouts predict I'm certain he would be ideal foe Poland u21, so a little friendly tip off would hopefully do the trick, however, if he did get international recognition I would want him on a part time contract at the very least so I would be compensated should be lured away by a bigger team
  4. I like so many many others, am a huge fan of lower league management in the FM series and as such I feel a couple of changes would enhance our experience sans as such I would like to propose the following suggestions : - CONTRACTS - Whilst I fully appreciate and am a big advocate of the control of the money that can be afforded to a manager and budget / wage restrictions etc etc, I often find that I have a very good young player ( or up and coming international ) that some bigger clubs are sniffing around and as such, obviously, if said player is to move onto pastures new, I wish to get as much money for him as possible, so I'd like to offer him a contract. I know that players can be offered part time contracts but this is usually en bulk but I think it would enhance the game if, I had the financial resources in place of course,, to offer certain players a contract, so for example out of a squad of 15 players, I could have my best 3 players on part time contracts because bigger teams are looking at stealing my prized possession away and then in turn I would receive a goof fee, should he leave me instead of on a free as currently happens. INTERACTION WITH INTERNATIONAL MANAGERS - Personally as a lower league manager fan, I always look to international ( usually under 21's ) sides to see if theres any free transfers or cheaper players I can pinch, I also look for up and coming players to sign and, I feel strongly that the game would be enhanced, if you could communicate with the relevant manager ( full, u21 or u19 ) and ask him about said player and maybe invite him to a game to watch him in action, with the mindset that you think he will benefit from a call up. This could then in turn work 1 of 2 ways, the said player could thank you for recognising his talent and inviting his international manager along and think increase his reputation of you for seeing him in such ways or he could get stressed and cautious as he doesn't think he's ready and by inviting his international manager along, your adding pressure to him as he feels he's not ready for a call up Just a couple of ideas which I truly hope will be added to the game ( as well as England C team )
  5. ShaunR_UK

    England C

    Now that the game has very several seasons included not only the conference but the conference north / south, I personally think its long overdue that the England national non league team ( known as England C ) is added to the game. In real life, the team has acted as a spring board for many of the players that have gone n to forge successful careers in the upper echelons of the football league and the games that are played by the England C are attended by a vast amount of football league scouts hoping to find the next Jamie Vardy. There are many many players that I could list whom have benefitted from representing their country and I would feel it would be a very welcome addition to the game going forwards ...... thoughts and opinions please
  6. Cheers for the help, please can you tell me where to find the game directory as I haven't used this before and I've never done anything like this before Many thanks
  7. Many thanks pal, do you have a link ????? and is there a step by step guide on how too do this please Many thanks
  8. I have a question I'd like answering please, my local non league club ( Stalybridge Celtic ) have been relegated into the Unibond division ( the league directly below the conference north ) is it possible just to download this league as an additional league as oppose to step 22 tor do I have have to download everything as I've never downloaded additional leagues before and is there a link as to where I may be able to download the unibond league from ???? Many thanks in advance for all help and suggestions Kindest regards
  9. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying FM17 and I'm wondering if I have good enough spec, I have a MacBook Pro with the following spec : Processor : 2.53 GHz Intel Core iS Memory : 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GT330M 512 MB... Many thanks for any and all advice given
  10. Hi everyone, I'm starting this topic in the hope that some kind person can help me. I have had too recently fork out for a new hard drive for my MacBook Pro and the guy who installed put all my games into separate folders for me to use, my problem is now however, I have it back and I'm trying to re - install my games that I was playing previously ( which was FM12 ) and the various skins that I was using but I have absolutely no idea how I go about it, I managed to find something where to get the German teams I have to look into a db folder ( ??? ) and delete something from there but so far I am just going around in circles and getting more and more frustrated by the minute and getting increasingly annoyed, so I'm hoping that some kind person can help me out by explaining to me whee Im going wrong
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